Balancing your Earth Element

Reconnect with nature

Marina’s Tip For the Month: Earthing, for you and for the world

Connect with the spoils of the Earth and get your hands dirty. Whether that be through gardening, pottery or cooking, stay connected to what is real and what is natural. Whenever and wherever you can, walk barefoot. Sit on a bench with the breeze on your face. Lie on the grass with clouds overhead, maybe wrapped in a blanket. Be in touch with nature. Remember the simplicity of being a human animal and the fulfillment that comes from living with the circadian rhythms. Whether you are an early bird or a night owl, honour the cycles which suit your body best.

Plan new flowers for the autumn season when things come into fruition and when we get ready to harvest and let go of the plentiful. It’s much easier to let go when you feel in abundance. September is a time when you can dedicate yourself to gathering inwards all that supports and nurtures you so that you can give back to others and to society at large.