health spa retreats
health spa retreats

We ask ourselves questions about our ideal lifestyle every day:

  • What’s our ideal combination of protein, carbs and fat intake in each meal?

  • What are the precise level of antioxidants that are good for me and how do I go about getting there?
  • And when it comes to exercise, what’s best for me… short, intense bursts that get my heartrate up or a more measured aerobic routine?
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Our vision is to promote wellness, longevity and metabolic homeostasis through the activation and regulation of the body’s metabolism. So we asked ourselves the same questions – and many more. And we found that the answers lay in exploring a scientific approach to wellness, based on world-leading research and clinical tests in the field of antioxidant cellular protection.

We call this approach the Euphoria 3GL Methodos. It is unique to Euphoria Retreat and underpins the holistic treatments and the nutrition and exercise plans supporting our unique healing philosophy.

The background

The path that led us to devising the Euphoria 3GL Methodos is one that could only have been taken in Greece.

It started with a simple premise: As one of the most scientifically validated nutritional models worldwide, the Mediterranean diet is rich in antioxidants and a wide variety of dietary fibres with high-value macronutrients.

And at the same time, we know that the body’s incapacity to neutralise free radicals can lead to a condition known as oxidative stress. This adversely affects lipids, proteins and the DNA of cells and can trigger a number of conditions such as morbid obesity, cancer, auto immune diseases, X Syndrome and other metabolic diseases.

So, it’s clear that antioxidants are essential to neutralizing free radicals and preventing subsequent cellular damage.

The power of glutathione

It was at this point that the work of the research team in the field of antioxidant and nutritional biochemistry proved decisive.

With the help of clinical studies on the redox status of elite athletes and more than 3,000 cases of obesity, diabetes and patients with metabolic syndromes, it was possible to support the findings of James Watson (the father of modern biology) that maintaining a level of glutathione – the most important antioxidant cellular protector in our metabolism – is necessary to diminish the expression of the organism’s bad genotype and also support antiaging and metabolic wellness.

And so, in collaboration with Eucrasia – a globally awarded company in Preventative Health Care & Wellbeing Tourism, a unique phenotypic intervention via food and exercise to achieve an ideal glutathione threshold called 3GL Therapy was developed and proved by clinical trial, and subsequently patented.

So it was now possible for the actual needs of the organism in cellular protection, energy reserves and antioxidants to promote metabolic regulation and wellness to be quantified, simply by measuring glutathione levels, and using the results of protocols, to determine a person’s ideal nutritional and exercise plan.

This is what now allows our dieticians, scientists, chefs and exercise specialists to bring you the Euphoria 3GL Methodos and welcome you personally into the wellness philosophy of Euphoria Retreat.

A few simple steps give our team of specialists all the information needed about your needs in antioxidants, cellular protection and fuel to personalise your nutrition and exercise plans, designed...
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