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Additional Spa Facilities

An Infrared Sauna helps detox the body and purify the skin while promoting weight loss, pain relief and healthy circulation.

The Laconium Finnish Sauna uses dry heat to raise the body’s core temperature, increase blood flow and trigger a reinvigorating deep sweat, minimising muscle pains and aches.

The Herbal Steam Bath’s moist heat is the key to top-to-toe detoxification. The warm water Watsu Pool is designed for gentle body therapy while floating or being cradled, rocked and stretched.

Experience Showers include revitalising temperature changes, stimulating and energising the body by enhancing the feeling of wellbeing.

A Cold Plunge Pool stimulates blood circulation and reduces inflammation, providing a feeling of freshness and euphoria.

Speleotherapy-Salt Room treatment affects cell activity, energy and blood sugar levels. A natural disinfectant, salt is antimicrobial, antibacterial and reduces mucus. Dry salt air is more powerful than moist air.

The Pilates & Private Exercise Studio is open for private classes, aerial yoga or private TRX sessions.

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