A jewel retreat to uplift, inspire, balance and heal at all levels


Embark on a journey towards self-awareness and a deeper understanding of your inner nature, on this seven-day Signature Retreat that harnesses the extraordinary potential of the five elements of ancient Greece and China to achieve emotional and physical transformation.

Over the course of seven days, you will be guided through a blueprint that transforms your way of life, exploring the path from the philosophies and healing practices of the ancient world towards western psychology and the use of archetypes in achieving meaningful life change.

You will spend each morning in a group workshop, enjoying experiential practices, dialogue and guided meditation with each session focusing on one of the elements and how it relates to your body, personality and mood.

Afternoon treatments of Five Elements Balancing, corresponding to the element worked on at an emotional level in the morning, are complemented by acupuncture, energy work and massages, designed to ground and accelerate the positive shifts you make both physically and emotionally.

Through a blend of ancient wisdom and healing practices, contemporary approaches, group work and the support of Retreat Mentors, and the natural richness of Euphoria Retreat, you will experience a profound connection with your physical and emotional energies and enjoy harmony, freedom and flow at every level of your being.

A beautiful journey of deepening self-awareness which helps you live with more purpose, vitality and joy.


  • November 22 - 29, 2020

Duration: 7 nights
Reservations are requested to be made by 1 week prior to arrival

Official Pricing for Group Retreat: 3.164,00€ per person

Official Pricing for Private Retreat: 3.801,00€ per person