A jewel retreat to uplift, inspire, balance and heal at all levels. Emotional trasformation and physical wellbeing are the ultimate goal of this intensive group retreat. The complete experience bring general harmony and emotional transformation through an enjoyable though deep and unforgettable holiday. 7 days that blend ancient wisdom, contemporary approaches, natural healing practices, professional excellence and natural richness in a place like no other.

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  • Nutritional Analysis and Assessment
  • Medical & Holistic Consultation with biofenergetic profiling
  • Euphoria Feedback
  • Transformation Consultation
  • 5 Element Balancing x 5
  • Acupuncture or Reflexology
  • Acupuncture combined with Recconective Healing
  • Chakra Balancing Treatment or Reiki or Sanctuary for Busy Minds
  • Emotional transformation and self-awareness -Group SessionThrough the 5 Elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal /Ether) (2-2.5h daily) x 6
  • 5 Element Dance Therapy
  • Group dining in the candlelite private dining room with group mentors
  • Group Euphoria Byzantine Hammam Ritual and Meditation


  • Complimentary use of fitness and spa facilities as recommended by your consultant ( Outdoor-Indoor swimming pool with hydrotherapy jets, Kneipp, Finish Sauna, Steam bath , Cold Plunge, Experience Showers, Ice fountain, Tepidarium)
  • Complimentary: herbal teas and water infusions. Your program includes two healthy snacks.
  • Complimentary attendance to scheduled daily Euphoria Wellness Activities & Workshops: Lectures, Meditation, Fitness classes, Yoga, TRX, Chi Qong, Pilates. (Subject to daily schedule)



On your journey to self-awareness and deeper understanding of your inner nature and the connection between yourself and the universe

  • You have the desire to understand more of your purpose in life
  • You are looking for a more intense/holistic experience to help you rediscover yourself
  • You understand your emotions’ purpose and you feel your emotions greatly affect your body and your mind
  • You have a deep yearning for meaning in your life
  • You ask yourself questions about yourself, life’s purpose, the universe, and the connection between the whole
  • Your desire to reconnect with who you really are
  • You want inner peace and deep serenity
  • You need to harmonise your body and mind
  • You experience dissatisfaction with any methods you have tried so far, either physically or mentally, on your path towards self-discovery



This lifestyle transformation will be accomplished while immersing yourself in an experience that is designed to connect you with yourself, fulfill you and help you maintain a balanced life.

You will be guided through experiential practices, therapies and dialogues to better understand how energy flows through the five elements in the universe, how your personal energy is affected by this universal energy and you will learn how to balance this relationship and restore the harmonious flow which is directly linked with your emotional and physical wellbeing.

Each day is devoted to balance each element according to the ancient Chinese medicine and contemporary wellbeing practices (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal). In the morning, we are addressing both the emotional and spiritual aspects working in a small group setting, while in the afternoon balancing the physical aspect of the element.


  • You will comprehend the significance of the five constitutional elements and their related emotions. (Water: fear, calmness and wisdom, Wood: anger, benevolence and generosity, Fire: vengeance, hate, love and joy, Earth: anxiety, guilt, balance and contentment, Metal: grief, letting go and courage)
  • You will re-integrate yourself back into the flow of energy and will understand your relationships with the seasons, your emotions, your health, and ultimately with your authentic self
  • You will be provided with information, inspiration and ideas to help you better understand your predominant element and you will learn ways to apply them on your daily life and your relationships
  • You will be opened up to a better understanding of who you are and how best to live in the world
  • You will experience a greater sense of inner space, freedom, and joy
  • You will understand the blockages and patterns of your behaviors and you will remove emotional blockages on all levels that holding you back
  • You will feel internal balance and increased energy and vitality
  • With increased self-awareness, you will understand where you are in the circle and how you interact with the universe
  • You will understand what was that stopping you from getting in more connection with your authentic self and you will feel motivated to move towards the direction you want for yourself
  • You will discover hidden aspects of yourself and emotions that you did not want to get in touch with before
  • You will understand more your choices in life and you will be able to reflect on them and change what is needed
  • Creating positive patterns, you will make decisions easier on what better fits your life and choices
  • You will realign yourself moving towards your desired outcomes with more structured approach
  • You will understand the impact of each and every one of your words, thoughts, and actions, on the rest of the world, and you will feel deeply responsible for it. You will want to use your impact to the most positive way, having understood that you are part of this “oneness”.