Euphoria Intelligent Mediterranean Metabolic Homeostasis Therapy (EIMMOT)


If your dream is to make a decisive breakthrough in your life concerning your nutrition, exercise and weight and balance of your psycho-mental and physical health, join us on a premium Signature Retreat that offers scientifically-customised medical interventions whilst harnessing the unique emotional benefits of Euphoria Retreat’s inspiring therapies and treatments.

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  • Nutritional Analysis and Assessment x 2
  • Medical & Holistic Consultation with biofeedback profiling
  • Nutritional Guidance Session x 2


  • hormonal, biochemical full biochemical blood count - traces &minerals ( 6 parametres).
  • full liver blood count scanning (7 parametres).
  • full hormonal  blood scanning  of fuel (  9 parametres ).
  • full redox cellular scanning (6 parametres).
  • full metabolomic scanning ( 105-110 parametres ).
  • full analysis of 20 alles (genetical mutation)


  • Ergo physiological scanning. Detects RQ index, metabolic rates, respiratory conditions, etc
  • Emotional transformation and self-awareness -Group SessionThrough the 5 Elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal /Ether) (2h plus) x 5
  • Private Consultation with Molecular Nutritionist Mr Leon in combination with Pathologist expert Dr Charizanis x 2
  • Clinical Consultation with Mrs Kokkinou, PhD Hematologist, Cytogeneticist.
  • Euphoria Advanced Treatment x 6
  • Fascia Therapy
  • Cooking Workshop
  • Live Concert (Live Concert with the composer & musician Manos Pyrovolakis and his group, present the Greek, Classic & Traditional music with the accompaniment of Laouto & VioloLyra)
  • Infrared Sauna x 2
  • Personal training session x 2
  • Three month follow-up on personalised internet platform
  • Scientific Supervision

Euphoria Intelligent Mediterranean Metabolic Homeostasis Therapy (EIMMOT) is a seven-day, fully personalised metabolic and emotional rebalancing program involving nutrition, exercise and experiential group-sharing practices, including meditation and five-element therapy.

It deepens the collaboration with preventive healthcare & wellbeing experts Eucrasia, bringing to the retreat a scientific team that includes a molecular nutritionist, pathologist and geneticist to complement the holistic transformation offered by the spiritual masters and healers of Euphoria Retreat.

You will receive a full metabolic profile scanning and medical bio-measurement, identifying your precise metabolic rebalancing needs and allowing your physical wellness, exercise and nutrition programs to be fully personalised at a cellular level.

At the same time, you will draw on the wisdom of Ancient Hellenic philosophers, Hippocratic healing practices and the Chinese five elements that constitute the Euphoria Methodos, guiding you to the increased levels of emotional awareness and mental rejuvenation necessary to achieve meaningful life change.

EIMMOT is a ground-breaking combination of scientific and psycho-emotional methods that will support and guide you to joyfully release old mind patterns, bad habits, disturbed levels of self-esteem related to food and help you gratefully receive, establish and preserve a new healthy and euphoric lifestyle.


This Retreat is for you if you if you:

  • Seek preventive health methods.
  • Seek protection from illness through natural means.
  • Have weight issues and/or have experienced weight fluctuations or dieting with no long-term results
  • Have morbid obesity
  • Have an unbalanced muscle-fat ratio
  • Suffer from a chronic illness
  • Suffer from mental fog and tiredness
  • Want to optimise your immune system and metabolism
  • Face gastrointestinal problems or disorders
  • Have unhealthy diet and lifestyle habits and want to change them
  • Lack self-esteem about your appearance
  • Seek a holistic way to essentially confront the above
  • Want to improve nutritional and somatic awareness and knowledge
  • Wish to find the connection between your weight and health habits and your emotional and mental state


You will:

  • Rebalance your total cellular antioxidant capacity. (With the University of Thessaly, we identify six parameters concerning your cellular metabolic homeostasis. You will have a very clear view of oxidation and antioxidant capacity, lifestyle protection and cellular damage.)
  • Neutralise and rebalance your stress hormones.
  • Synchronise your biological clock.
  • Increase immunity.
  • Stimulate your skin and improve elasticity and firmness.
  • Optimise weight management and increased fat burning condition.
  • Take better care of yourself.
  • Affect changes in your habits and maintain them.
  • Increase your willpower, free your mind and enjoy the process of change.

Team of experts:

Dr. Stavroula Kokkinou – MD, PhD Hematologist, Cytogeneticist. 
Mr George Leon – Founder Eucrasia, expert in metabolic Physical and Nutritional Biochemistry
Dr. Ioannis Charizanis – MD, Specialist in pathology, diabetes and metabolism
Georgilas Evangelos – Designer of therapeutic aerobic exercise programs to regulate metabolic disorders. Responsible for designing physical fitness programs for elite athletes from Greece and abroad
Livitsanis Nektarios – Executive Therapist, specialised in Fascia Tecnique
Marina Efraimoglou – Founder Euphoria, Chinese Medicine, Self-awareness
Mary Vandorou – Spiritual and Healing Master, Self-awareness
Giannis Dimitriou – Doctor, PhD in Chinese Medicine, Osteopath
Alexandra Papadopoulou – Homeopathic Doctor, expert in biofeedback therapy
Manos Pyrovolakis – Composer, singer & lyricist

Start date: March 17-24
A 20% discount* is offered on the official pricing to celebrate the launch of this ground-braking Signature Retreat

* Discount not valid in conjunction with any other offer or rate plans