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This short retreat is a wonderful introduction to exploring your emotions as a way of enhancing your self-awareness.

Self-discovery through understanding our emotions


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Emotional transformation and self-awareness - Group Session Through the 5 Elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal /Ether) x 2

This mini retreat gives you a taste of our core philosophy of joyful transformation through the theory of the 5 Elements, an ancient Chinese system for understanding nature and how it connects to us, as humans.

In two group workshops, you will have fun relating the emotions that are attributed to each of the 5 Elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal/ether, to your own emotions, as a way of understanding any blockages or repetitive behaviours you may currently find yourself experiencing.

You will explore all of this through listening, sharing, guided meditation and creative interplay, engaging your sensual and body awareness, your emotions and your intellect.

Your discoveries can help you change your perspective in areas of your life that may be limiting or frustrating you. We believe that increased self-awareness leads to more positive choices.


Is the Self - Awareness Through the Five Elements Retreat for me?

This retreat is for you if you:

  • are interested in personal growth and transformation
  • feel frustrated by certain emotions you experience
  • want to get a clearer understanding of what drives your choices in life and change those that don’t serve you
  • wish to overcome recurring behaviours that may frustrate your relationships and creativity
  • are curious about the relationship between physical discomfort and emotional pain


YOUR MENTORS: Marina Efraimoglou and Mary Vandorou. These expert women have developed their own unique approach, offering suggestions, sharing their journeys and respecting yours.

What are the Benefits of my Self - Awareness Through the 5 Elements Mini Retreat?

You will:

  • learn about the emotions related to each of the 5 Elements and their significance for you
  • understand your emotional constitution type and how to use them to your benefit
  • gain greater self-awareness to make better life and health choices
  • feel more able to let go of what no longer serves you and open the way to positive changes.



You are welcome to spend as much time as you like enjoying our beautiful and extensive facilities spread over the four floors of our Spa: outdoor and indoor pools leading to the meditative experience of our Sphere Pool with hydrotherapy; the Tepidarium with steam baths, Finnish sauna, cold plunge and ice mists; the Waterwell with Kneipp Walk Therapy and indoor and outdoor relaxation and recreation spaces.

We hold different, complimentary daily activities such as lectures, morning hikes, and a Technogym-equipped gym with TRX. Our roster of activities includes yoga, mat Pilates, energy movement and fit walks.

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