Euphoria Intelligent Mediterranean Metabolic Homeostasis Therapy (EIMMOT)

valid only on full board basis

IMMOT – Intelligent Mediterranean Metabolic Homeostasis Therapy is our all-encompassing retreat to set you on the path of full physical, emotional and spiritual transformation.

Alongside our unique medical approach, full of customisation for you, to get to the core of your nutritional and metabolic state, this 7-day retreat includes our signature therapies and our unique group workshops to support you on a psycho-mental level as well.


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  • Nutritional Analysis and Assessment (3GL)
  • Medical & Holistic Consultation with biofeedback profiling
  • Nutritional Guidance Session x 2
  • Composite Exclusive Innovative hormonal and biochemical Blood Panel:
  1. - Full biochemical blood count – trace elements & minerals (6 parametres).
  2. - Full liver blood count scanning (7 parametres).
  3. - Full hormonal blood scanning of fuel (9 parametres ).
  4. - Full redox cellular scanning (6 parametres).
  5. - Full metabolomics analysis (scanning up to 110 metabolites)
  6. - Full analysis of 20 alles (genetical mutation
  • Ergo Physiological scanning (detecting RQ index, metabolic rates, respiratory conditions etc.)
  • Group session of emotional transformation and self-awareness through the 5 Elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal /Ether) x 2
  • Private consultation with Molecular Nutritionist Mr Leon together with Pathologist Dr. Charizanis x 2
  • Clinical Consultation with Hematologist, Cytogeneticist, Mrs. Kokkinou, PhD
  • Euphoria Personalised Treatment (derived from the full clinical assessment) x 6
  • Fascial Therapy
  • Cooking Workshop
  • Live Concert (Live Concert with composer & musician Manos Pyrovolakis and his group (Greek, Classical & Traditional music with the accompaniment of Laouto & Violo Lyra)
  • Infrared Sauna x 2 
  • Personal training session x 2
  • Three-month follow-up on personalised internet platform
  • Scientific Supervision

The ultimate in emotional, spiritual and physical transformation for lasting life change.

This premium Signature Retreat combines a Programme of scientifically-customised medical interventions that identify your precise nutritional and exercise needs, while, at the same time, harnessing the unique emotional benefits of Euphoria Retreat’s inspiring therapies and group workshops. This our most comprehensive approach for reaching meaningful life change.

A powerful physical and psychological combination targets those old mind patterns and bad habits that can contribute to weight gain and low levels of self-esteem related to food and exercise. And helps you break them.

You receive full metabolic profile scanning, via blood, right down to a DNA level, and medical bio-measurements, such as respiratory function with our Ergo Physiological Scanning, at the highest level offered at Euphoria Retreat, thanks to the scientific team of Eucrasia-Euphoria. We then rebalance your metabolic needs through nutrition, exercise and treatment protocols while also inviting you into group sessions focusing on our signature 5 Elements to help you understand your psychological and emotional patterning, especially around your relationship with food. Here we explore the Earth element, which governs the digestive system and reflects our nutritional habits and care for ourselves and others.

This blend of group sessions, including dining together, lectures on eating and music evenings, combined with one-on-one consultations with our experts in such precise disciplines as heamotology, genealogy, pathology and nutrition – plus personally-tailored fitness sessions, means we can target weight management according your cellular metabolism for optimum results.

We even tailor your daily treatments, blending a range of techniques to benefit your particular needs. This retreat is the most comprehensive way to be supported to move forward with healthy eating habits and fresh perspectives.

You will be given a supporting programme to continue at home and our experts invite you for a three-month post-retreat follow up on our personalised internet platform.


Is the Euphoria IMMOT Retreat for me?

This Retreat is for you if you:

  •  seek protection from illness by natural means
  •  are overweight, obese, or try extreme dieting without positive results
  •  suffer from a chronic illness
  • have unhealthy diet and lifestyle habits
  • experience continual low self-esteem
  • have an imbalanced muscle-fat ratio
  • suffer mental fog and tiredness
  • face gastrointestinal problems or disorders
  • want a holistic way to overcome the above
  • want to optimise your immune system and metabolism
  • want to change your body constitution through balancing metabolic pathways
  • desire nutritional and somatic awareness and knowledge


What are the Benefits of my Euphoria IMMOT Retreat?

You will:

  • learn about and rebalance your total cellular antioxidant capacity and cellular damage
  • understand and easily target issues around weight management
  • shift to a positive mindset about your life
  • increase immunity  
  • neutralise stress hormones in your body
  • stimulate the skin and improve elasticity and firmness
  • receive a highly bespoke and tested approach to mind, body, spirit transformation.



You are welcome to spend as much time as you like enjoying our beautiful and extensive facilities spread over the four floors of our Spa: outdoor and indoor pools leading to the meditative experience of our Sphere Pool with hydrotherapy; the Tepidarium with steam baths, Finnish sauna, cold plunge and ice mists; the Waterwell with Kneipp Walk Therapy and indoor and outdoor relaxation and recreation spaces.

Your Programme includes two healthy snacks. We also offer herbal teas and water infusions.

We hold different, complimentary daily activities such as lectures, morning hikes, and a Technogym-equipped gym with TRX. Our roster of activities includes yoga, mat Pilates, energy movement and fit walks.


Team of experts:

• Dr. Stavroula Kokkinou MD, PhD Hematologist, Cytogeneticist. • Mr. George Leon - Founder, an expert on metabolic Physical and Nutritional Biochemistry. • Dr. Ioannis Charizanis, MD. Specialist in pathology, diabetes and metabolism, • Georgilas Evangelos - Designer of therapeutic aerobic exercise programs to regulate metabolic disorders. Responsible for designing physical fitness programs for elite athletes from Greece and abroad. Former Federal Technical Swimming Coach, • Livitsanis Nektarios – Executive Therapist, specialized in Fascia Technique, • Manos Pyrovolakis – Composer, Singer & Lyricist. He obtains a degree of classical music from the National Conservatory and a degree of jazz harmony from the Filippos Nakas Conservatory, participated in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games 2004 and took part in the International Festival of Folklore Music in Japan by representing the Cretan tradition. • Euphoria Retreat Spa team of therapists, physiotherapists and fitness instructors