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The Spiritual Landscape of Mystras

Mystras, a UNESCO World Heritage site

The authentic character of Euphoria Retreat lies in the unique blending of its healing philosophies with the purity, history and culture of the area in which it is located. In the heart of the Peloponnese, Euphoria Retreat is just a 2.5hrs drive from Athens, or less than an hour from Kalamata.

Nestled in the foothills of mystical Mt Taygetus, which rises to 2,400m above sea level and overlooks the city of Sparta, Euphoria Retreat is surrounded by a private pine forest and overlooks the luscious, fertile valley of the River Evrotas, carpeted with citrus and olive groves. The sea is a mere 40-minute drive away.

Deep-rooted culture

The majestic picture is completed by the nearby Byzantine town of Mystras, the last significant stronghold of the Byzantine Empire and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Beyond its imposing medieval castle, life goes on much as it has done for the past few centuries.

Mystras was once a famous political, cultural, religious and artistic centre with impressive churches, palaces, fortresses and convents. It was here that the Byzantine Empire’s last despot, Constantine XI Palaeologos (1405-1453), was crowned emperor, and where the great neo-Platonic scholar Plethon Gemistus founded his school of Philosophy before going on to revive Greek learning in Western Europe where he planted seeds for the Renaissance.

A symbiotic relationship

The monastic tranquillity of the setting has inspired Euphoria Retreat’s authentic architecture, a seamless blend of Byzantine art and Zen design.

A garden stretches out to the front, with areas dedicated to the five elements and their relating energies, while a private forest provides over 78,000 square metres of space for biking, trekking and outdoor classes.

You will be offered the opportunity to experience the natural surroundings, taking advantage of Greece’s temperate climate. Central to Ancient Greek philosophy of man holding an intimate, symbiotic relationship with his environment, the effect of the surrounding countryside and nature will form part of your transformative journey.

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