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The “GAIA” restaurant

At Euphoria Retreat, we are firm believers in the saying, “There is a healthy soul in a healthy body.” After all, wellness comes from within.

No spa experience is complete without healing food to keep you mentally alert and energetic throughout your stay. It is once your digestion is functioning optimally, that our cleansing treatments will be fully effective.

Drawing on the unique concept of Intelligent Mediterranean Metabolic hOmeostasis Therapy (IMMOT), our team of nutritionists prepare dishes daily, using healthy, wholesome natural ingredients, fresh herbs, antioxidant-packed spices, and all the essential nutrients of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.

A scientific nutrition and exercise approach to achieving and maintaining metabolic balance, IMOTT has been developed by Eucrasia, whose name refers to the Eucrasia Experience first defined by Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, as a state of total mind-body balance.

Personalised according to guest preference, as well the recommendations of our doctors and nutritionists, our meals are designed to detoxify the body, boost metabolism, fight inflammation and reinforce the immune system. But most of all to create a wonderful gastronomic experience, with detox, gluten-free, vegetarian and weight-loss menus available.

All of this with a panoramic view of the valley and the citrus grove offered by our restaurant, and the opportunity, during the warmer months, of enjoying your meal on the terrace or under the grapevine of the inner court. A private dining area is also available for exclusive use in the listed Leoncini Mansion.

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