Spend an outdoor week with us exploring the region of Sparta, while unleashing your physical fitness and celebrating your inner resilience, in the style of our local warrior ancestors. The Spartan champions were revered as much for their military prowess as for their unwavering physical and mental focus to reach optimum performance. Train like a Spartan and feel proud of yourself!

    Like all our retreats, this is another playful experience of exploration and joy – with a physical focus. Your outdoor activities, ranging in intensity, will take you through the beauty and history of the land of the Spartans, keeping alive their spirit of fitness, open-heartedness and a love for nature.

    Daily exercise, including hiking, cultural walking tours, interval training, cycling, rock climbing and swimming, plus energy movement sessions and aerial yoga. Each activity takes place at a different location, so you can explore the beauty of this blessed land, breathe in clean air and exercise in nature while enjoying beautiful views, mountain and sea side.

    You will have plenty of time to recover from training with our spa facilities and treatments that you can book. You will also have one day of rest from your physical excursions and plenty of nutritious, energy-giving food.

    Live the Spartan virtues of strength and balance in the battlefields where they were victorious. You’ll find this a soul-lifting experience too!

    On the 7 day retreat, you will venture out on six daily excursions, around Euphoria Retreat and the surrounding area. Those on the 3 and 5 day retreat will go on a selection of excursions. Each day includes 2-3 hours of physical exercise, plus the opportunity to enjoy the unspoilt nature and culture of this historical area of the Peloponnese.

    YOUR MENTORS: This retreat is led by our fitness team of experienced trainers, who will be always alongside to encourage and support you in building resilience, strength and self-empowerment, with a lot of laughs along the way.

    What are the Benefits  my Spartan Adventure Retreat?

    You will:

    • Gain self-confidence, dynamism and self-esteem
    • Extend your limits and discover new possibilities within yourself
    • Enjoy the satisfaction of overcoming challenges to build strength and endurance
    • Feel energised, reconnected and harmonious in body and mind.
    • Enjoy exploring the landscapes, history and culture of this ancient land.


    • March 28 - 1 April, 2021