A few simple steps give our team of specialists all the information needed about your needs in antioxidants, cellular protection and fuel to personalise your nutrition and exercise plans.

Designed to bring you metabolic balance and leave you feeling better than ever.

Step 1

The process starts even before you arrive, with the answers to a short questionnaire from which we build a full picture of your dietary and lifestyle habits, as well as any conditions or disorders that may be affecting your metabolism and energy levels.

Step 2

Once at Euphoria Retreat, we carry out a simple finger-prick blood test. This allows our unique portable mini lab, within 10 minutes and with 100% reliability, to measure your levels of glutathione, the most important antioxidant cellular protector in our metabolism.

A blood glucose measurement is also taken to evaluate your blood sugar level and, an evaluation of your respiratory equilibrium gives us an opportunity to assess, indirectly, the glucose stores (glycogen) of muscle and liver tissue (Hence 3GL).

Finally, a simple urine sample (Morning sample to access significant amino acids for the metabolic function) completes our 3gl plus Methodos.

For advanced Spa programmes (Advanced Weight Loss and Nutrigenomics), lasting more than 3 days, a more comprehensive ergophysiological test is carried out, giving an even fuller picture of your metabolic status.

Together with the answers to the questionnaire, our team of experts can then determine your real cellular requirements in antioxidants (metabolic regulation, antiaging, wellness, cellular protection and longevity).

This also gives us a picture of your ideal isoglycemic diet – the daily balancing of your glucose status via eating proper meals.

Step 3

Depending on your glutathione level, it is then possible to determine your precise antioxidant nutritional needs, based on the following principles:

  • Following the scientifically-proved nutritional model that five smaller meals – measured portions of breakfast, lunch and dinner and two smaller snacks (eg Functional Food & Functional Smoothies) are necessary to achieve an ideal isoglycemic diet (with an ideal proportion of carbohydrates & fibre, fats & protein). This targets a gradual self-adjustment of biochemical and hormone regulation in your metabolism and a fast-feeding nutritional recovery model.


  • Measuring the exact nutritional value in antioxidants and calories in your food, so that our team of nutritionists is able to create menus tailored to your isoglycemic needs, if your programme includes nutritional a nutritional guidance session. For all other programmes, guests’ antioxidant levels are regulated through snacks and smoothies, according to their 3GL Methodos results.


  • Building on the Mediterranean diet’s renowned richness in antioxidants and other health benefits, with all our dishes preserving the wealth of local flavours whilst offering the optimal nutritional value to act as metabolic medicine.

Step 5

If your programme includes full ergophysiological scanning, you will also meet with our physical exercise specialist who, depending on the results of your 3GL Methodos analysis and lifestyle questionnaire, will propose an exercises plan involving either interval-based anaerobic workouts or a more measured aerobic programme. For guest following simpler programmes, the fitness instructor will give you general guidelines on which daily activities you can attend and which exercise to avoid.

Step 6

Finally, your 3GL Methodos results form part of the guidelines you are given when you leave, with which you will be able to continue your journey by incorporating your new nutritional and physical programme into your everyday life.