Euphoria Retreat

Balancing the metal element


The autumn season of letting go is painful. We know that spring is going to come, but we need to get through winter first. The metal element is about really feeling the pain, letting the pain hurt even, so that you can embody the separation and then allow the miracle to happen. When we don’t feel grief we face depression, which is really just repressed emotions. So, our quest is to feel the feelings without sinking, knowing that there is a universal supportive force protecting our uniqueness. When you lose someone, you have to mourn and, as Marina says, “part of the problem of
our civilisation is that we don’t give ourselves the time, the opportunity and the space to properly mourn. We don’t have the courage to look deep into our feelings and accept that grief and melancholy are part of life.” Sitting with the uncomfortableness of our feelings, rather than running away from them, helps to put to bed the past.