Balancing Summer’s Fire Element


The importance of being grateful

Marina’s Tip of The Month: EXPRESS GRATITUDE

When something difficult happens which gives you pain or anger, or if you are struggling to forgive someone, a really profound antidote is to anchor your attention into the little things which you are grateful for. Switch your attention onto something else – the smile of a child, the comfort and safety of bed, a beautiful flower, sunshine. It can even be something as trivial as a new pair of shoes you recently bought. This immediately shifts the focus and gives you time to process and shift the emotions. In relationships, forgiveness births the ultimate transformation, but it can be really hard to reach if we are not there yet. However, even if we just set the intent to forgive, that, in itself, can really shift something. Looking for reasons why you are grateful for someone being in your life can help you to arrive at an open heart – this is why forgiveness is so liberating.