Frequently Asked Questions

The nearest airports are Kalamata International Airport (which is operating seasonally) which is about 1 hour drive to Euphoria Retreat and Athens International Airport which is about 2.5 hours’ drive to Euphoria Retreat.

Euphoria Retreat would suggest 5 days stay minimum.

Euphoria Retreat in collaboration with Eucrasia’s scientist experts team developed the patented ‘3GL PLUS therapy’ which is unique to Euphoria. Through simple testing (pinprick blood and urine test) and results Euphoria Retreat designs personalized nutrition and exercise programs for guests. The goal is to regulate metabolism and achieve longevity.

Read more on the 3GL PLUS therapy here.


The Five Elements of nature constitute not just a theory but a way of living. A truly holistic, integrated way of being that incorporates the physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of humanity and life on earth.
In Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal – or Ydor, Air, Pyr, Gaia and Aether as they were known in Ancient Greece – we find a multi-dimensional view of human life as it relates to the natural world. And
vice versa. The Five Elements theory separates nature into five categories (elements) each with distinctive characteristics that are reflected in patterns of human health and behaviour. On top of this, the
ancient philosophers associated different elements with varying seasons and understood that the interrelated cycle of human life and the natural world underpins all things. The Five form the cornerstone of
Euphoria Retreat healing philosophy and are integrated into the architecture and design, with certain areas dedicated to particular elements and their related energies. To connect with these elements is to connect with both nature and your Self. To further explore the elements you can read Euphoria’s journal here


Casual chic is suggested for the Gaia restaurant, Reception Lobby and common / public areas. Bathrobe, swimming suit and slippers are appropriate for Euphoria Retreat Spa areas and swimming pools.

Euphoria Retreat suggest an alcohol-free experience/stay. Drinks are served at restaurant and bar (upon request). No alcohol offered at the mini bar.

Smoking is prohibited in all rooms, suites and indoor and outdoor common areas of Euphoria Retreat (including the spa and restaurant).

Guests enjoy the pleasure of food at the “GAIA” restaurant where the gastronomy experience marries the Mediterranean and Greek cuisine based on a selection of local, no-local and traditional products together with the idea of healing and keeping guests mentally alert and energetic throughout the stay. Gaia restaurant, also propose menu for guests on vegan or vegetarian regime. Guests, who embark on Spa programs including 3GL assessment and analysis, benefit from 2 additional meals (Smoothie and Healthy Snack). The healthy snack and smoothie are customized according to the 3GL analysis and assessment.
Guests, who embark on Spa programs including 3GL assessment, analysis and nutritional guidance sessions, benefit from Full Board (Beverage and Mini-Bar excluded) including 5 meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Smoothie and Healthy Snack). All meals are customized according to the 3GL plus-Lab Test+Assessment
and nutritional guidance.

The philosophy of Euphoria’s nutrition has to do with the 5-meal plan, which is based in a Mediterranean isoglucemic profile. It means that in each of the five meals, Euphoria gives specific loads of all the necessary nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats) according to the guest’s needs and preferences, so that
all day glucose is balanced and the metabolism is boosted.

To know more about 3GL description click here

Guests on Half Board, benefit from breakfast and lunch or breakfast and dinner. Guests on Full Board, benefit from breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Lunch and Dinner are based on 3 courses each and per person.

At Euphoria Retreat there are well-trained therapists specialized in pregnancy massage. Relaxing aroma massage, foot or back or head massage, reflexology, watsu, scrub ritual, cosmetic facial treatments, energy healing are suitable for a pregnant woman. Euphoria Retreat does not suggest the pregnant guest to use hot facilities like steam room or Sauna however everything depends on the instructions of the
individual’s doctor.

The classic room category is bookable only in combination with a wellness program.

No, however Euphoria Retreat recommends a guest does book one for their own full wellness experience. To find out more about Euphoria Retreat programs click here


No, any treatment can be booked separately. Explore the treatments offered here.


No, the wellness programs can be booked in the preferred dates of each guest.

Yes, there is an available option for a day visit of 2 hours and an option for day use for 4 hours. For further information of relative costs, please contact Euphoria Retreat.

Important note: Day use is not applicable during weekends and holidays.