Euphoria Retreat

Come Together, Eat, Enjoy, Feel Nourished


Come Together, Eat, Enjoy, Feel Nourished

Taking inspiration from the ancient Greek word for ‘Earth’ (Γαία), our smart, contemporary GAIA restaurant serves pure, authentic food alive with the energy of the mineral-packed soil of the Peloponnese. Offering a blend of regionally inspired contemporary Greek and Mediterranean dishes, the emphasis here is on simplicity, healthy living and full flavor.

We’ve nurtured a relationship with local farmers, producers and winemakers, who we know by name, to create a menu that uses the best of local, seasonal and organic produce. Some is also grown in our vegetable and herb garden. For breakfast enjoy the likes of homemade granola with thyme honey and Greek yoghurt, or maybe you’d like to try our sweet potato and apple fritters, served with tahini and molasses. Lunches and dinners include the likes of fresh soups and salads, as well as super light fish and meat dishes. Fragrant herbs, antioxidant-packed spices and essential nutrients all help to aid digestion and boost your metabolism. Extra-virgin olive oil, like salt, is added to finish a dish so that its nutritional properties are fully retained.

With panoramic views of the valley, tables are arranged to encourage guests to share their day’s experience, although privacy is entirely possible, too. Our bar offers fresh and healthy drinks, smoothies, coffee, tea variation and an exclusive selection of high-quality spirits, you’re here to enjoy yourself. The GAIA Restaurant also offers an open kitchen for cookery lessons, where our chefs and nutritionists can share their knowledge and share our nutritional philosophy.

"Eat To Live, Not Live To Eat"
— Socrates