A Magical Greek Landscape


A Magical Greek Landscape

Held in the Embrace of Nature, Inspired by Ancient Civilizations and Myths

The stuff of legends, the exquisite Peloponnese in southern Greece is a peninsula rich in the myths and mysticism of Olympian gods and mythical heroes. Inhabited since pre-historic times, and dotted with pine forests, Byzantine churches and lofty hilltop villages, this historical landscape exudes a palpably healing energy rooted, much like our spa treatments, in ancient civilizations and cultural lineage. The symbiotic relationship between nature and culture is at the very heart of our Euphoria Retreat experience, whether you come for a weekend retreat or a full wellness programme. Daily concerns drop away as you feel the sun on your back; the Mediterranean light is uplifting and renewing. Mount Taygetus provides a rich and majestic backdrop and the Eurotas River, which flows through the valley, was once a training ground for the Spartans, famed for their strength, courage and fortified healthy lifestyles. For dreamers, the famous archaeological site of Mystras is a must – awash with wild-flowers, breath-taking views, time-faded frescoes and flickering church candles. Tempting day trips include the charming coastal town of Gytheion, a 40-minute drive, and little-known Elafonissos Island, fringed with white-sand beaches. Yes, the islands of Greece are famous for their beauty, but trust us, the Peloponnese will enchant you with its sacred soul. Only 2.5hrs from Athens and less than an hour from Kalamata airport, and here you are, wrapped in an otherworldly peace from the moment you arrive.