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Our Heat & Water Experiences


Our Heat & Water Experiences

Dramatically conceived and highly original, our astonishing choice of spa facilities, spread over four floors, has helped to position Euphoria Retreat as one of the best spa hotels in Greece. Appropriately centred around the first of the elements – water – which symbolizes new beginnings and creativity, your journey starts with the central ‘Waterwell’ and its footbaths which offers all the benefits of Kneipp Therapy and prepares you for your next steps. Then comes our extraordinary Sphere Pool where you can dive to 4-metres, connect to your primary instincts, and enjoy an experience akin to a sensory rebirth as you then float into the outdoor infinity pool. These showstopping features are accompanied by an equally inventive series of water and heat-based therapies, pools, steams, saunas, showers and more, all thoughtfully designed to support Euphoria’s Wellness Programmes and Retreats, and all helping to prompt a return to heart centre in our guests.

The coherence between our philosophy and our facilities is something which has distinguished Euphoria as a spa gateway to better health and one of Europe’s top health spa retreats. The use of water, salt, heat, fresh air and temperature changes subtly taps into the symbolism of The Five Elements, a concept which forms the bedrock of Euphoria’s Ηealing philosophy. Masses of natural light, a colour palette of yellows and golds and a hushed mood combine to create a harmonious, balanced environment which aims to take you deeper into yourself and inspires quiet reflection. From the ground floor Pilates and gym studios to the yoga and meditation rooms which open out onto an outdoor patio with a California Hot Tub and expansive forest vistas, our facilities will leave you fully revitalised and rebalanced. Indeed, the outer experience of our facilities reflects and encourages the inner journey we hope all our guests undergo as they explore the wellbeing destination spa which is Euphoria.

"If you do not expect the unexpected you will not find it, for it is not to be reached by search or trail."
— Heraclitus