Fantastic Facilities


Sphere Pool

An ethereal, cleansing experience symbolic of a spiritual rebirth

At the very heart of Euphoria’s spa, you’ll find this distinctly avant-garde sphere pool. Surrounded by cocooning Byzantine domes inspired by the architecture of the iconic Hagia Sophia church, this ritualistic experience is both joyous and revealing.

Spherical stone walls are home to booths with in-water benches to sit and a series of hydrotherapy jets pummel sore muscles into submission and help to release computer shoulders. Lighter and clearer, next glide into the sphere, half-filled with water waist deep at its outer rim, before fully submerging to a 4-metre depth at the centre. Even if you feel a little anxious, most guests revel in the enveloping womb-like sensation. Soothing marine sounds play softly under the water transporting you to into a more sensory world, a place where feel connected to your primal self, where dreams are born and where the body comes out of the head and into ‘feeling’. Even in the depths and the darkness, the light is always beckoning. Emerge blissfully light, carefree and released.