Level view of the buildings of Euphoria Retreat nestled at the foothills of a verdant forest.

A Progressive Design Concept in a Historical Setting


A Progressive Design Concept in a Historical Setting

Multi-Award Winning Modern Design Immersed in an Ancient Landscape

The setting of Euphoria Retreat is something we are immensely proud of. Consisting of a clutch of buildings developed around a historic mansion which dates as far back as 1830, modern day additions meet and mould with architectural history. Just as our spa combines the latest scientific advances with millenia-old wisdom, so too have we developed a sophisticated, modern-day retreat environment which is grounded in the area’s cultural past and the ever-present energy of nature herself. From our logo, (made up of seven magical and harmonious circles which represent ‘totality’), to the sacred geometry, patterns and symbols which can be witnessed throughout the property, our design honours the past whilst reimaging it for a new audience searching for meaning. An expansive orange grove at the front of the main property contains gardens dedicated to the energy of ‘The Five Elements’, which are an integral part of both Traditional Chinese Medicine and ancient Hellenic healing practices. Indeed, The Five Elements act as a framework for all our spa treatments and as a gateway for your own self-discovery and healing. Everything at Euphoria Retreat is well considered, with the aim of integrating and layering the past with the present, the simple with the luxurious, the calm with the powerful, the outer landscape with the inner journey. This cohesive approach is reflective of the harmony which we wish our guests to experience within themselves, as they reach a place of better balance and come into ‘oneness’.