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The '3GLs' Bespoke Eating Plan


The '3GLs' Bespoke Eating Plan

Euphoria’s trump card, a scientific metabolic test for personalized nutrition

Euphoria Retreat offers one of the most innovative and cutting-edge approaches to nutrition available at any wellbeing destination spa. Eucrasia’s scientist experts team and their collaborators developed the patented ‘3GL PLUS therapy’ which is unique to Euphoria and has been a key factor in positioning us as one of the best health spa retreats in the world. Based on a pinprick blood test, which measures the three most important bio-markers for metabolic health – glycogen, glucose, glutathione (the ‘3GLs’), as well as a simple urine test which measures more than 12 active metabolites and metabolically significant amino acids, the ‘3GLs’ test is available for all our guests and can be booked in our spa. According to each individual’s results, food menus are then totally customized in order to achieve better balance, energy and optimum health. Many guests say they start to feel better after as little as three days, most report that they feel a renewed sense of energy.

No programme prices at Euphoria Retreat include meals, dependant on whether you want to incorporate this test and what it might reveal – perhaps you don’t metabolise meat that well, or you need to boost your fruit and vegetable intake. The ‘3Gls’ test is a gateway to better understanding yourself and offers a progressive, bespoke approach which meets your precise nutritional needs; ‘Five years ago, I don’t believe we would have been ready for it’, says Doctor Leon. Off the back of this test, many guests are recommended five mini meals a day, to balance blood sugars and boost nutritional intake. So mid-afternoon smoothies or nuts appear in the spa relaxation areas to tie guests over. This self-loving attitude is entirely in keeping with our uplifting and joyous approach to health. There are no strict deprivation regimes at Euphoria Retreat. We’re here to help you feel your best. Your life, your journey.

"If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health."
— Hippocrates