Newsletter July-2

Balancing Summer’s Fire Element – July


Balancing Summer’s Fire Element – July

Marina’s Heart Opening Tip of The Month: LET’S DANCE!

To open our heart, it is important to get out of the habit of using our physical bodies as a dustbin for our emotions and move things through us. One way to do this is the movement of dance. Dance can help us connect, with both ourselves and others, and releases stagnant, latent energy. It lifts our spirits. When you wake up in the morning, instead of immediately checking your emails, take some time to listen to music. You could create a special ‘Fire Energy’ playlist of songs that bring you gratitude, joy and happy moments. Gently ease your body into some dance and open your arms in the air and FLY. Conductors tend to live very long lives because they are always opening their hearts! If this sounds too energetic, just listen whilst you brush your teeth. Or you could lie back with a cushion behind your shoulders or a yoga block between them, and stay there for 3-5 minutes – Yin yoga style – to open your heart.