Live with passion


Being right here, right now

Igniting summer’s passion is about not holding anything back. It is about going at something with all your heart and all your being. Engaging all your senses. You can do anything and everything with an open heart, inviting in all your senses So, when you read a book, you are fully present to it. The more engaged we are, the more we are in the here and now. Cook a meal and invite friends to join you. Urge everyone to turn off their phones. Really talk to each other. When you take a bath, make it a ritual. Light a candle, add oils, play music. Every element of your life can be lived with passion and approached with meaningful awareness.

Ignite More Passion In Your Life

One way to ignite your passion is to seek out works of passion – in music, in the visual arts, in what you read and what you listen to. Biographies or autobiographies of real people you respect and who have inspired you can be a great place to start. Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom or Michelle Obama’s Becoming, for example. Or plan a trip to see a masterpiece, whether that be Monet’s Garden in Giverny (as pretty as his paintings), the Sistine Chapel in Rome or an exquisite church closer to home. From Euphoria you can walk into the divine beauty of Mystras, the last stronghold of the Byzantines, a place that resonates with both gentleness and huge strength. Anything that is a labour of love is born of passion. A great restaurant where a chef creates with love and magic is a passionate experience. Swimming in the power of the ocean at the start of your day can help you to feel alive. Anything that engages all your senses, will ignite your passion.

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