An authentic healing philosophy

Nurture your love for inner peace and holistic balance through the five elements.

Euphoria Retreat is a place of healing and transformation, deeply authentic in its nature and philosophy. Our core concept draws inspiration from a number of sources, East and West: Taoist and Hellenic philosophy as well as Chinese and Hippocratic medicine.

Staying true to the healing traditions of Ancient Greece, which gave birth to philosophy and the practice of Hippocratic medicine (and adopted Ef zin - ‘living well’ - as its guiding principle), we have embraced the notion of a balanced life and a healthy spiritual connection. The principles of what we today call a healing spa were, after all, first practised at the healing temples of Asclepieion.

A holistic approach

The Ancient Hellenic and Chinese civilisations may have been far apart geographically, but both share a common understanding of cosmos and of human nature, and nurtured their love for inner peace and holistic balance. In what is more than a cosmic coincidence the two civilisations developed philosophies of wellbeing that were similar in many ways.

They share a common understanding of cosmos and of human nature. And the emphasis of the holon - or ‘whole’- of Hippocratic medicine goes hand in hand with Taoist spirituality, which also embraces wholeness and unity. Both focus on bringing mental, physical and emotional harmony.

Likewise, Ancient Greece’s five elements – fire, earth, water, air and aether – can be compared to their Taoist counterparts – fire, earth, water, metal and wood.

The five elements form the cornerstone of our healing philosophy. They are incorporated into the architecture and design of the indoor and outdoor spaces and facilities of Euphoria Retreat, with areas dedicated to particular elements and their related energies.

Most importantly, the five elements are at the heart of our Signature Treatments and Retreats, personalised to address the needs of each guests in order to bring balance and harmony across all three levels of existence: emotional, physical and spiritual.

Healing through joy

But Ancient Greek and Chinese philosophies also differ in ways that are important to the Euphoria Retreat experience. For Ancient Greek philosophers, life was to be celebrated, with happiness and joy being central to achieving harmony and life change. Hence our name, Euphoria.

Eastern philosophy, by contrast, often place an emphasis on suffering as being necessary for catharsis.

Likewise, Ancient Greek philosophers emphasised the need for individual responsibility, not just to the state but also to yourself. It is this personal choice that you will need to embrace if you are to achieve your goals.

As we say: Your life, your journey.