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Euphoria Methodos: Our Original Healing Philosophy

Your joyful journey of healing and transformation at Euphoria Retreat stems from an original philosophy that is based on a blend of our Hellenic heritage, Traditional Chinese Medicine, contemporary world teachers, scientific innovation and a belief in our inner potential for health and happiness.

Euphoria Methodos is born from passion, the incarnation of one woman’s vision that evolved from her own personal journey. Marina Efraimoglou reformed her life with the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which she sees as the most potent system of healing for reaching not only physical health but also emotional balance. As she progressed along her path she came to see parallels between this eastern philosophy and that of her own ancient Greek civilisation. Yet she saw differences. Over the years Marina’s understanding also grew thanks to the many contemporary world teachers she studied with. But it was the guidance brought by Mary Vanadorou, her own spiritual teacher, that eventually led to the completion of Marina’s dream: a destination that offers a holistic, joyful and life-changing experience.

Hellenic and Chinese Philosophy

Euphoria Methodos has its roots in the ancient past of Greece and China. Both philosophies perceived the world in a ‘naturalistic way’, meaning they studied life in the context of nature and her changing seasons. From their observations these ancient intellects came to understand that just as everything in nature is related in a ‘holistic’ way so are all aspects of being human. Our physical, emotional and spiritual selves are intrinsically linked. In the same way, just as nature changes with the seasons so do our own energetic cycles. How we feel and how we behave are influenced by the world around us.

This emphasis on the interrelatedness of everything - reflected in both the ‘holon’ of Hippocratic medicine and the principle of ‘unity’ in Taoist philosophy - underpins our approach to your wellbeing. Our intricately crafted Programmes , our specially developed treatments and carefully chosen therapists along with our concept for design, the role of advanced nutrition and the topography of our setting have all been carefully considered to offer you a properly holistic healing experience.

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The Chinese Theory of the Five Elements

The Theory of the Five Elements forms the basis of our treatment approach. It is a framework for understanding our internal energy constitution according to the various characteristics encapsulated in the five main elements in nature: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. It also applies to our personality type, behavioural patterns and the choices we make, offering an effective solution where balance is the foundation for healing our whole self.

Together, in your initial consultation with our team, we understand your element as the driving force behind your health patterns, life’s choices - and possible obstacles. This way we can personalise your Programme / Therapies to bring particular physical and emotional needs back into balance. We go deeper into the Five Elements on our signature Emotional & Physical Transformation Retreat, in workshops, meditations and daily treatments.

The Greek Concept of ‘Ef Zin’

Alongside this efficient system of healing we weave in aspects of our own Hellenic philosophy to make your journey with us a truly joyful one. While Hippocrates and Plato also used the elements (four, rather than five: ydor, pyr, aer, gaia) to understand our energy and characteristics, the ancient Greeks viewed the world through a lens of love and optimism rather than pain and denial. Alongside respect for the freedom of the individual to find harmony in the middle way, they put great emphasis on sensual pleasure, revelling in the beauty of their land, their food and time spent together. This innate admiration for life, is summed up in the concept of ‘ef zin’, which means simply to live well with joy in order to reach the state of euphoria.

The Universal Idea of our own Inner Divine

The third pivotal idea behind Euphoria Methodos is an understanding that healing happens when we open up to the divine. Methodos, in ancient Greek, translates as they ‘the way’, along which we walk together with sacred inspiration (and walking the path together). This is non-denominational and has a different meaning for each of us. It comes from the belief that we all have our own divine, inner spark and when we connect with this - and importantly share, and connect with others, incredible things can happen. We open up in order to really heal. This is what Marina experienced while working with such luminaries as Deepak Chopra, Donna Eden and Mantak Chia (and others), some of the world’s leading thinkers on health and happiness today.

An amalgam of their ideas plus modern energy techniques with an inner focus, are explored more deeply with guests who come on our Transformational Retreats. These are led by our expert healers all of whom have a strong spiritual understanding. This is a beautiful journey to take and is unique to our method.

Euphoria Methodos

In short Euphoria Methodos has been more than ten years in the making. We passionately believe that our unique blend of ancient principles with contemporary techniques if a potent path for all to follow. It’s healing the euphoric way. May your transformational journey with us be whole and happy.