November 2023


Autumn arrives and the world is transformed into a quieter more meditative time. We are invited to let go of the great energy that has created this year’s harvest. It is a time to take stock, look at how far we have come, take note of our accomplishments and spiritual growth and replenish our stores for winter. As the light decreases and we head into winter, we can bring things to their completion and prepare to go deeper. The element for autumn is metal, the finishing phase. In water we dream, in wood we start planning, with fire we bring things to living fruition, with earth we digest and, when we reach the metal phase, we are ready to distill the lessons we have learnt. When we can transmute pain into
valuable life learnings that we can be grateful for, that’s when we can reach a solidified state of gratitude. In this state we understand wholeness, and that everything belongs: beauty and ugliness, fear and love, sadness and joy.

Both a diamond and a stone can shine with their own unique beauty. This idea was fundamental to ‘Kallos’ – a concept which was of huge importance in ancient Greece and referred to beauty in both the moral and physical sense. Kallos was not just a matter of physical appearance, it was also about character. A person’s inner beauty was reflected in their actions and their behaviour. The most beautiful person was one who lives a virtuous life, striving for excellence. As Aristotle said, ‘Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of higher intention, sincere effort and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives – choice, not chance, determines your destiny’.

Hence, autumn calls for us to change our behaviour. Whilst earth is about looking after others, metal is a more restricted and internalised process which helps us decide what we want to hang onto. Ask yourself, what am I to carry forwards? What do I want to hang onto? These questions are about assessing our inner values, embodying personal integrity and understanding what is precious and valuable to us. In the very act of acknowledging our weaknesses we can transcend them so that we can gain wisdom and strive for excellence. This kind of self-knowing and openness to growth takes courage, but it is also the point of alchemy and transformation. It is where lead becomes gold. From a place of inner
knowing and peace, we are more able to accept that everything belongs, that even what is ugly, bad, difficult may be a part of divine law or humanity’s evolutionary journey. This does not mean there isn’t a place for moral justice, it simply ensures that we are able and willing to take right action.

In the lower frequency of metal, we can be too perfectionist or demand too much of ourselves and of others. We may think we know everything, or that we are always right (metal can be very arrogant and self-knowing). In the mid frequencies of metal, we need to be humble to start understanding (accepting) of the divine order and the inherent harmony of life. Because in order to transcend this world of duality, we have to understand that everything belongs. Only when we can accept this can we reach a place of wholeness, unity and spirit. Part of this acceptance means integrating all our own shadows and stories so that we can then elevate above them. Then, in the higher frequency of metal, from a position of true humility, we can move from duality to unity, knowing that we don’t have the whole picture and allowing divine order and providence to come in. We let go of all our stories, emotions and the dominance of the intellect, soften and open our shells, invite in that which is beyond comprehension. When we let go, we gain access to a wider picture, and we can connect to divine harmony, transcendence, the spiritual. This alchemical process helps us see with new vision and means we can start our next cycle on a new, higher plane.


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