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Summer & The Fire Element

You will remember that each of the elements comes with positive qualities and, when unbalanced, negative too. The positive highs and negative lows of the fire element are especially pronounced. It is the most intense of all the elements. In order that we may all bloom with vitality and radiance, we need to nurture the strong fire element within ourselves. So let’s now explore the qualities of those who have a dominant fire personality.



When balanced fire energy allows us to enjoy life – and especially summer – to the fullest. We can circulate with friends, embrace abundance, and surrender to the ‘now’ with an open heart. It goes without saying that fire personalities are fiery and, like fire, they are bright, vital, radiant, magnetic.  When in balance they emanate with love, tenderness and a warmth which everybody wants to gather around. Their energy is contagious, and they give off a lot of sparkle. It could even be said that they have ‘starry’ personalities; you likely all know someone like this. Healthy fire types are able to stay positive, loving, open, and of benefit to others. In fact, they are able to have communion with the divine and can become great spiritual teachers.They often smile a lot, have expressive faces and are very intuitive. They are able to digest life well and ‘sort’ the good from the bad.


Just as they can reach great heights, those with a fire constitution can also sink very low. They can become depressed, anxious, have panic attacks, suffer from breathlessness, stiffness and experience types of mania which border on the illusionary. Often fire types can fan the flames of their own drama, in which they are the central character, and they can slip into self-admiration and grandiosity easily. Every love affair they have is passionate and fraught, every trip away ‘the best yet’, until it’s not! They can also become sarcastic and even very cruel, with an ability to hit others where it really hurts.

It is easy to understand why, then, it is so important yet difficult to keep the fire personality balanced. It can rocket between extremes, but when in sync (right moment, right people, right way) those with fire personalities can become great influencers and agents of change who can reach a wide circle.


Unlike the other elements which only have two, there are four organs associated with the fire element. The intuition of fire personalities is rooted in the small intestine or gut, so to stay healthy fire types need to especially focus on keeping their digestive system clean and clear. Another major organ associated with fire is, of course, the heart. Regarded in Traditional Chinese Medicine as the ‘emperor’, it is via the heart that a connection with the heavens and the spirit world can be fostered. The other organs to consider with fire personalities are the pericardium, the gate which guards the heart and acts as an emotional filter and the triple burner which is responsible for our fight or flight response and regulates our physical and emotional temperature.


There are profound physical, mental and spiritual symptoms when the organs associated with fire personalities are weak or obstructed. So do see Euphoria’s tips to keep the fire element in balance.

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