Why Traditional Chinese Medicine Recommends A Spring Reset

Why Traditional Chinese Medicine Recommends A Spring Reset In TCM, spring is associated with the wood element, its roots in the ground, its branches in the sky. Meanwhile, Hellenic medicine associates spring with the ‘air’ element, which also makes sense. Spring gives us the chance to grow towards higher planes. But to fulfil our potential, we can no longer stay inside under a blanket watching movies. We need to get out into the world, meet people, try and do things, aid the creative process by airing and sharing our dreams. As Marina puts it, ‘the little seed during the winter lies at the bottom of the earth and now it slowly feels the warmth of the sun on the soil and starts moving upwards.’ Whilst winter can make us feel contracted and closed, spring brings about huge and much-needed change. Physically and metaphorically it is a time to open up, stretch your arms, allow your talents to blossom.

The organs relating to spring and the wood element are the eyes and the liver. If you want to expand your vision, open your mind and set your sights on something bigger, it is important to look at open vistas. Visiting high places in nature is a really good idea at this time of year. Nowhere beats a visit to Mystras from Euphoria. The views are mesmerising and you’ll witness nature weaving her magic in the beautiful wild flowers. Open vistas help us to plan and see where things are going.

April shouts at us, ‘Wake up and Live!’ but, if we feel tired and weighed down, hitting the ‘go’ switch can feel challenging and it may be hard to decide which direction to take. The liver houses our internal plan for life, our sense of purpose and our direction. A spring detox can be the ideal way to cleanse this organ. Just as we spring clean our house, so, too, can we spring clean our bodies. The Euphoria Wellbeing Detox is a complete vitality boost for those who are constantly tired, easily irritated or feel low and anxious. A unique nutritional approach based in wholefoods aims to boost your metabolism and nourish both body and soul without you ever feeling hungry. Meanwhile gorgeous spa treatments such as body wraps, Chinese cupping and our signature 5 Elements Balancing Treatment will leave you feeling rejuvenated and balanced.

Unsurprisingly, spring can also be a time which triggers new life choices. For anyone looking to reflect on their life path or who wants to look at their life decisions, our Odysseus Journey is a profound yet playful exploration of the hero’s journey. Rich in metaphors, thought-provoking discussions and theatrical play, leave feeling more aligned to your life’s purpose and in touch with your heart’s desires. The spring process is about inviting in fresh, supportive and creative energy so that we have the impetus to grow, thrive and evolve. It is about inviting in new possibilities which take us beyond our former limits. Exciting.

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