Healing movement rituals for physical and emotional transformation at Euphoria Retreat.


Health & Safety

At Euphoria Retreat, we pride ourselves for being dedicated in providing our esteemed guests with a sanctuary for the mind, body and spirit. A calm place to reinvent yourselves, a soothing place to begin your personal transformation. Acting with great responsibility in safeguarding this environment, we have taken every precaution and measure according to the latest health & safety standards that must be met in the hospitality industry. We have, therefore, adapted to the new status-quo, following all relevant protocols for curating a specially sheltered environment that ensures the safety of everyone, while you rest, recharge and retain your peace of mind throughout your stay.


In collaboration with the National Public Health Organization (NPHO) and with experts, we have created new standards regarding hygiene on our premises.


  • All staff members are COVID-19 tested at frequent, regular intervals.
  • All staff members are trained to follow the latest health & safety hygiene protocols. Meticulous hand washing and sanitizing and avoid unnecessary contact such as hand shaking etc.
  • All staff members’ temperature is checked at the beginning and at the end of their shift.
  • Signs have been placed indicating the distances that need to be kept between guests.
  • Hand sanitizers have been installed in all areas.
  • All surfaces in public areas are cleaned and disinfected at regular and frequent intervals throughout the day.
  • All rooms, including the SPA treatment rooms, are cleaned and disinfected according to hospital standards.
  • We use special machine equipment for sanitizing spaces and cleaning of all surfaces.
  • We undergo daily inspections to ensure that all measures concerning the health and safety of our guests and employees are being followed.


In addition to the above hygiene and safety measures, we have adapted the following facilities and services to meet the needs of our guests, in the safest manner:


  • The swimming pools, hydromassage and hydrotherapy operate in accordance with the applicable legal framework and based on the instructions for the operation of the swimming pools during the COVID-19 pandemic that were posted.
  • The maximum total number of people entering the swimming pools at any given time will not be greater than one swimmer per 5 m2 of water surface.We have created outdoor private spa treatment areas.
  • Outdoor exercise and gym areas are available.
  • Sunbeds are disinfected before use.


  • Non guests are not allowed to enter the hotel area without an appointment.
  • During check-in, all luggage is disinfected before being delivered to the room.
  • We offer paperless, self-check-in.
  • Disinfection of key cards before check-in and after check-out.


  • Room cleaning and turndown service is only upon your request.
  • TV controller is wrapped in plastic wrap.
  • Water bottles are disinfected.
  • Telephones and amenities are disinfected.


  • Vehicles are disinfected before use.
  • Provision of antiseptic by the driver.
  • The driver ensures the natural ventilation of the vehicle.
  • The use of a protective mask, by both the passengers and by the driver, is mandatory.