Euphoria Retreat

Increasing your Metal Element


See perfection in imperfection

The lower frequency of metal is very self-critical and cuts like a knife. The higher frequency, conversely, is about harmony and beauty in everything, even the ugly because it contributes to the whole. We may see the imperfections in our bodies and berate ourselves, but when there is internal harmony we become wholesome, harmonious beings. Learning to see what is imperfect as perfect helps us, as humans, to allow what is supposed to be and fall into acceptance. Spiritually, this is a huge lesson from our ascended teachers, to wake up and see things the way they are meant to be. When you are able to see the world through a higher lens, everything belongs. Even an ugly building only lends to the splendour of the surroundings. A miracle is really just a change in perspective.

Stay In Awareness

Being in awareness helps you to go with the day and the way. It means you can pivot and adapt to the moment, allowing yourself to feel without trying to fix things. This is something we find people enjoy on our retreats, the chance to stop, come into awareness and process their feelings – knowing that everything is ok just as it is. Trusting that there is wisdom, beauty and harmony out the other side helps us to get through the process of letting go. Staying in awareness of this process, naming it, is itself part of the solution. Even if you go down the rabbit hole, you make sure it leads to a warm home, the light is there at the end of the tunnel – your awareness gives you courage and allows you to keep the faith.

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