Indian Summer Reflections And The Earth Element

The end of Summer is a time associated with the Earth element, the ground beneath our feet. Now is the time to walk slowly under the fullness of the sun. It is a time to build strong foundations and bring in as much stability, nurturing and comfort as we can. This is why the stomach is such a strong and important organ associated with the earth. It helps us to assimilate and digest not just nutrients, but everything that we have been
through so that we can clear our path and gather in anew. As the heat subsides, the Autumn grapes start to mature, everywhere is laden with plump and full vegetables and fruits getting ready for harvest.

They are ripe, full, and sweet. We want to bring that feeling back into our life whilst at the same time feeling content with the little things. Now is the time to embrace the people and environments where we feel the most secure and at home. Where we don’t have to pretend, and where we can take off our masks – just as we do on our Odysseus Journey Retreat.

We want to be with people who know us, accept us, with whom there is ease. This is not just a self-servicing exercise. The ideal is to spread contentment. When we are in balance, we can give to others without sacrificing of ourselves, we can truly spread compassion. This is the heart of the earth element. So, we want to nurture and listen to ourselves so that we can then go the same for others.


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