Conditions for participation in the New Year’s Resolutions Giveaway

The company Euphoria Retreat with registered office at 64 Alekou Panagouli Str. Nea Ionia, Attica (hereinafter referred to as “Euphoria Retreat” or “Organizer”), in cooperation with the advertising company “Curious Ahead” (hereinafter “Curious Ahead”) with registered office at Michalakopoulou 91 str., Athens, (jointly referred to as the “Companies”), organize an online contest with the title “New Year’s Resolutions Giveaway” and in particular, on the official Instagram account maintained and managed by the Organizer in the context of promoting its products and services. By participating in the contest, all participants accept in full and without any reservation the following terms:

1. Participation Rights – Conditions

1.1 Everyone who is over 18 years old and has legal capacity has the right to participate in the contest. The employees and representatives of the companies “Euphoria Retreat” and “Curious Ahead” and their affiliated companies, as well as their first- and second-degree relatives, spouses or anyone else professionally related to this contest are excluded.

1.2. Except from the above, owning a personal account on Facebook and/or Instagram is a prerequisite for participating in the contest, while the participation requires and leads to the acceptance of the terms of signing in Instagram, their privacy and security policy and consequently, the waiver of any relevant claim against Instagram in relation to the contest.

1.3. The participation in the contest requires the interested parties to have access to the Internet by their own technical means. The Companies do not undertake any obligation regarding securing, facilitating access to internet sites or providing facilities to any interested party. Access to the website of the contest is permitted only under the operating conditions of the relevant server and the technical and other conditions and specifications. Furthermore, the Companies are not liable for any charges to the participants-users for the above reasons.

1.4. The purchase of products/services by the Organizer or the risking any amount of money in any way by the participants for the purpose of profit is not required for the participation in this contest.

2. Duration

2.1. The duration of this contest starts on Wednesday 06/12/2023 at 12:00 pm and ends on Sunday 17/12/2023 at 23:59 pm.

2.2. Entries (comments/responses to the contest’s post) submitted within the time limits of the contest are considered valid and no entries will be accepted after the expiration date of the aforementioned contest.

2.3. The Organizer reserves the right to modify, limit or extend the duration of the contest and the date of the ballot by amending the present terms. Such amendment will be effective automatically as of the date of its publication on the contest page.

2.4. Entries submitted after the expiry of the above initial and/or shortened and/or extended deadline for the participation in the contest, in accordance with the above, will be automatically considered invalid, void and have no longer any effect against anyone and do not create any kind of right in favor of the participant.

2.5. The Starting and Expiration Time of the contest, the time of active sending of the entry and of the receipt of any point, as well as the measurement of all the indications relevant to the contest will be based on the computers used for this purpose by the Companies and not on the indications of the participant’s computers.

3. Participation in the contest

All interested parties are invited to 1) follow the Organizer’s Instagram account (@euphoriaretreat), 2) like the Contest post and 3) write a comment under the Contest post about your New Year’s resolutions and mention 1 friend. Entries, which comply with the above action and do not offend public decency and morality or contain content that is offensive to honor and dignity, and do not contain content that is abusive, inflammatory or racist, offending human dignity or cause discriminates against persons on the grounds of racial or ethnic origin, religious or other beliefs, disability, age or sexual orientation, or are not contrary to the provisions in force or in any other way inappropriate, are considered valid. Responses below responses from other participants will be considered invalid. The Companies are not responsible for the answers of the users as well as in case of incorrect entries or incomplete data.

4. Award

The award on offer is 3 exclusive Euphoria Retreat gift boxes for 3 winners, that include a bath robe, a satin sleeping mask, a water thermos bottle, a coffee thermos mug, a Euphoria Retreat signature body mist, and a Euphoria Retreat tote bag. The award will be sent to the winners, by arrangement with the Organizer. The award to be granted by the Organizer in the context of this contest is designated as above and is not exchangeable with other gifts or redeemable against cash. Furthermore, the award is personal and non-transferable. In case of unavailability of the Award, as described above, the Organizer is entitled to offer an alternative gift of the same value as the Award. In the event of force majeure, security reasons or other circumstances beyond the control of the Companies or third parties, the Organizer may and is entitled NOT to offer the award, in which case it shall be released from any liability and shall not be obliged to offer an alternative gift of any form and value. The Companies have no liability, either criminal or civil, towards any winner or third party, for any accident that may occur and/or any damage and/or any bodily or other injury that may be caused to them directly or indirectly related to the Awards, the use of the Awards or for any other cause whatsoever. The Companies do not bear or undertake any liability towards the participants and/or the winner. The Companies do not have nor assume any liability towards the entrants and/or the winner. After the expiration of the contest’s duration and the redemption of the Awards, as set out above, any obligation of the Companies ceases to exist.

Section 5: Nomination of Winners
5.1. The ballot (participants/users of Instagram) for the nomination of the lucky people will take place on Monday 18/12/2023 at 4 pm, before a three-member committee, at Curious Ahead’s headquarters, which has undertaken the advertising promotion of this contest (91 Michalakopoulou str., Athens, 11528) through an electronic platform that generates random codes (electronic ballot). The Companies are entitled to cancel the ballots or change the dates/times of the ballots.


5.2. The above electronic ballot will nominate three (3) winners from participants/usernames of Instagram users. Six (6) runners-up alternates will also be nominated in case that the communication with the three winners is not possible for any reason, or they do not accept their award. The winners will be announced with a comment on the contest’s post on Instagram and on an Instagram story. The Companies reserve the right to use and publish any news item related to the conduct and results of the contest, without the obligation of prior notification of the winners/ runners-up, free of charge and without this constituting an insult to their personality.

5.3. The winners must contact within 5 days as of the announcement with the Organizer or Curious Ahead and provide their other contact details. The Organizer is not held liable for any damages of any kind – nature whatsoever, relating to any voluntary publication of personal details or other sensitive information by the participant. In any such cases, the participants fully and exclusively bear full liability in connection with any possible consequences, including the case of malicious harassment by third parties.

5.4. In the event that the winners, whose names will have been announced do not communicate promptly with the Organizer or Curious Ahead as per above, and/or do not accept the award offered to them as set out above, they will automatically forfeit the prize permanently, and the first runner-up in order will be invited in his/ her place to communicate and accept, in accordance with the procedure set out above. In the event that he/she also fails to contact the Organizer or Curious Ahead or accept the award offered to him/ her, then the second runner-up in order will be invited in his/ her place and so on and so forth. If the communication with winners and runners-up is not possible for any reason, which is not attributable to the Organizer’s fault until the day specified in these terms, the Organizer is released from any obligation towards the specific winners / runners- up and the Organizer reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to dispose the award, that was not sought by the winners or the runners- up, in which case it is released from any obligation towards the  respective winners or runners- up.

5.5. In any case, the participation of the winners/runners-up, at any stage – even at the stage of attribution of the award- may be cancelled for the following reasons: (a) if they fail to comply with these terms in their entirety, all of which are deemed to be material; (b) due to an impediment under these terms; (c) if for any reason the communication with them is not possible within the prescribed deadlines set out in these terms.

6. Redemption of Awards

The awards will be redeemed after contacting the representatives of the Organizer.

7. Personal data –Declaration of consent

7.1. By following the Organizer’s Instagram account and typing their comment /mentions below the post of the contest, as defined in particular in points 1 to 3 above, the participants declare that they accept these terms in their entirety without reservation and provide their express and unambiguous consent, within the meaning of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation) and Law 4624/2019, as in force, for the collection of their personal data that they will communicate and the processing of such data for the purposes of the contest, i.e. for the purposes of 1. organizing and completing the ballot and announcing the result publicly, and 2. the information
and communication with the participants and in particular the winners / runners-up of the contest, exclusively regarding the delivery / dispatch / redemption of the contest award. The Companies will process the personal data of the participants / winners / runners-up exclusively for the above-mentioned purposes of the contest. The personal data of the participants will not be disclosed to third parties and will not be transferred outside the European Economic Area. The personal data of the participants will be kept until the winners / runners-up are nominated and the personal data of the winners / runners-up will be kept until the delivery of the Awards as described above.
Following the conduct of the ballot and/or the delivery of the Awards, as set out in these Detailed Terms, the relevant data will be destroyed.

7.2. The Organizer is the Data Controller of the participants’ personal data and processes only data related to contact details (e.g., Instagram username, email) and personal data of the participants (e.g. name, full name, ID number). The Organizer for the collection and processing of the above personal data will cooperate with the advertising company under the corporate name “Curious Ahead”, with registered seat at 91 Michalakopoulou str., Athens, 11528, with TIN: 800332402 (Tax Office: Athens FAE ), with GEMI number: 116648201000 (Data Processor).

 7.3. Each participant has the right of access, right to be informed, rights of rectification, objection to further processing of his/her personal data and right to data portability, as provided for in the General Data Protection Regulation. In order to exercise his/her rights, the participant may contact the Organizing Companies at the contact details  set out below. At any time, the participant may freely withdraw his/her consent and request the deletion of his/her personal data. Withdrawal of consent before the ballot will result to the cancellation of his/ her participation, while withdrawal of consent of the winners / runners-up after the ballot and their nomination will result to refusal of acceptance of their award and the first runner-up in order will be invited to accept in their place. For the purposes of the withdrawal of their consent, exercising their other rights provided for by the legislation on personal data protection and for any issue related to this consent, participants may contact the Companies using the following contact details and on behalf of Euphoria Retreat: Curious Ahead (email:, telephone: 210 7249000 or by postal letter to the address 91 Michalakopoulou st., Athens, 11528).

7.4. The Companies are committed to comply with the confidentiality of personal data during their processing and have taken all appropriate technical and organizational measures to prevent the breach of personal data, which concern exclusively themselves. Any issues of personal data breaches, relating exclusively to Instagram website/platform, such as, but not limited to, malware, identity theft, phishing, and any other form of cyber-attacks, do not concern the Companies, which bear no liability for this reason. Participants reserve the right to submit a written complaint to the competent supervisory authority regarding the protection of personal data, i.e., the
Personal Data Protection Authority 1-3 Kifissias Avenue, 115 23, Athens +30 210 6475600, contact email Further information regarding this matter is provided in the corresponding article of the Privacy Policy

8. Amendment of the Terms

The Organizer reserves the right to amend these terms, to shorten or extend the duration of this contest or to withdraw it with prior notice by any appropriate means, to replace the award with other awards of equal value at its discretion and, in general, to modify any of the terms of the contest by informing the participants in a timely manner through the official Instagram page of Euphoria Retreat.

9. Organizer’s Disclaimer

9.1. The Organizer accepts no liability in the event that the participants ignore these terms and the participants accept to indemnify the Organizer in full against any claims by any third party arising from any breach of these terms.

9.2. The “Companies” are not responsible for users’ comments, as well as in case of incorrect entries or incomplete data.

9.3. The Organizer accepts no liability whatsoever if, for reasons outside its sphere of influence and control, the receipt of participations fails or is delayed or, finally, if the records kept by it are destroyed, in whole or partially.

9.4. It is clarified that this contest is not conducted by Instagram, nor is it sponsored or otherwise ratified by or associated with Instagram.

10. Acceptance of the terms – Consent

10.1. The participation in this contest requires and implies the unconditional acceptance of all the terms herein as well as the terms of use and the Security and Privacy Policy of the Organizer which are posted and in the application in which they provide their details.

10.2. The participants acknowledge and unconditionally accept that the operation of the above page of the Organizer may be affected or temporarily interrupted due to network problems. In general, participation in the contest may be subject to variations or interruptions that are entirely dependent on the capabilities of both the said social networking website and the existing technology on which it is based, and which are beyond the control and responsibility of the Organizer, which is not liable for all of the above reasons. If it is proven that a participant has been nominated as winner in violation of the terms hereof, by fraudulent means, he/she will not be offered his/her award or
will automatically lose all rights to possession of it, and the Organizer in this case reserves all its rights against such participant.

11. Copyright

The Participants do not have or acquire any rights whatsoever in the trademarks, names, logos, emblems and other distinctive signs of the companies of Instagram and any modification, publication, transmission, transfer, reproduction, distribution, presentation, linking, downloading or otherwise exploiting, in whole or in part, in any manner or means for commercial or other purposes without the prior written permission of the owner.

12. Jurisdiction – Applicable Law

Any dispute arising in connection with this contest will be referred exclusively to the Courts of Athens and Greek Law will apply.

13. Publicity

These terms will be posted throughout the duration of the contest on the Organizer’s website https://www.euphoriaretreat .com/