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Let's Get Physical


Let's Get Physical

To honour the earth element, we want to build strong foundations. This means a focus on strengthening our muscles is a wonderful idea. Resistance training will support your whole system. It is slow and measured yet helps you to feel strong. Other physical practices that support the earth element are breathing exercises which free the diaphragm and oxygenate your whole body. Alternative nostril breathing, taught as a pranayama, balances the left and right sides of the body, and connects the body with the mind and the mind with the body. The organ associated with the earth element is the
stomach which, in acupuncture, is ‘Point Stomach 36’, one of the most powerful points on your body. It helps strengthen qi, gets rid of damp, strengthens your digestion (spleen and stomach), strengthens the body, relaxes you and relieves pain. It is located on the lower leg, about one-hand breadth below the kneecap and then to the one-finger breadth towards the fleshy outside of your leg. You can stimulate this point yourself using acupressure. It is a fantastic point if you feel fatigued or have any gastrointestinal concerns.

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