Let's Get Balanced


This year the Equinox falls on September 23rd and is when the sun will illuminate the northern and southern hemispheres equally. Day and night are the same, after that the nights then become bigger. We can prepare ourselves for this balance and what is to come by being aware of both our Yin and Yang nature and giving importance to both. Yin is about giving and receiving, yang is about doing. An equal approach to work and play,
rest and doing will help align us to the season. We should also be aware of our emotions, trying to overcome feelings of guilt, shame, and insecurity. Especially be aware of no body shaming – either of yourself, your children, your partner, or others. For anyone who feels they may be harbouring blocked emotions, our Emotional Harmony Program is really powerful and includes a new treatment, Advanced Neuro Fascial Release, which works to unblock emotions stored in the abdomen

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