“And the Spring arose on the garden fair,
Like the Spirit of Love felt everywhere;
And each flower and herb on Earth’s dark breast
Rose from the dreams of its wintry rest.”
― Percy Bysshe Shelley


Spring 2022 is not about repeating who we were before, it is about remoulding ourselves and picturing a fresh future, hopefully one with higher frequencies of generosity and kindness.

Now is the time to envision new ways to be. In order to adapt, it is helpful to clear our personal paths, open the windows and cleanse house – both literally and emotionally. Only once we have cleansed the house of our hearts, and balanced the Spring ‘wood’ element, can we become aligned to our true desires.




In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Spring is a time associated with the ‘wood’ element. The organs related to the wood element are the eyes and the liver. The liver, which works in direct relation with the gallbladder, houses our internal plan for life, our sense of purpose and our direction. Fresh starts and new visions are a benchmark of Spring. Whilst the liver makes plans, the gall bladder mediates with the outside world, helping us to interact with our environment and guiding us to make good decisions. The gallbladder also ensures that when we visualise our future, we look to what is achievable, rather than dreaming of living in the Maldives (which might not be what your ethereal soul needs anyway).

The Chinese character for the wood element represents and symbolises the tree – its roots in the ground and its branches in the sky. Just as a tree unites the earth with realms above, so Spring offers us an opportunity to grow towards higher planes. If you think about it, right from the beginning the acorn knows where it is going. The acorn contains the blueprint of its future. It is destined to be an oak tree and does not become anything else. If it comes across adverse conditions or impediments, it does what it needs to do to continue growing, so that eventually it can provide shelter or its blossoms to others. The beautiful symbolism of this journey is a reminder that when we become what we are supposed to become, we can share and inspire others and kindness and generosity become our natural state. The wood element enables us to develop into mature human beings. It allows us to visualise an optimistic future and be always reaching for it whilst also being flexible enough to adapt to changing situations. Could there be a better time for trying to balance our wood element? Our Euphoria Methodos is centred in balancing your emotional and physical wellbeing through a variety of modalities. Explore some of our powerful treatments here.




The Spirit of The Wanderer 

It is always important to keep gently moving. If you want to work with the energy of Spring, our suggestion is to immerse yourself in nature, somewhere where you can see an open horizon, and walk mindfully but with no limits. This is not about ‘I have to be somewhere’ – it is about taking a different route and not following a rigid plan. Forget Google Maps, allow yourself to get lost, interact with locals and hone your sense of direction. The liver needs freedom and this sort of approach, with spur-of-the-moment decisions, allows you to settle into expansiveness and keep an open mind and view.

Green Living

Obviously going alcohol free is an essential way to clear the liver which, in turn, balances the wood element. Think of it as an investment in yourself. If you feel you rely on alcohol, think about why and when you drink – you don’t have to cut it out completely but be aware. Drinking green juices and alkalising vegetables – especially bitter ones – also provides the ideal liver cleanse. Look for Spring greens, dandelion greens (make tea or put in salads), kale, artichokes or Greek horta – edible wild greens which we serve at Euphoria with lemon juice and Greek olive oil.

Anger Release

The emotion that blocks the liver is anger, which stops the circulation of blood and means the liver can’t be touched with our life plan. When we are in anger (often rooted in low frequencies such as resentment, frustration or jealousy), we can’t see the possibility of what comes next. Remaining flexible and adaptable helps us to balance these emotions and clears the liver of sadness which allows us to feel a sense of optimism. So, work to express and release your anger in safe and mindful ways – such as punching a pillow! Next month,we’ll share a video of a valuable anger-releasing movement which you can do at home with no equipment and which takes just a few minutes.

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