Spring & The Wood Element



You will surely remember from our previous blog posts that each of us is born with all the elements but in different percentages. And each element comes with positive attributes but each also holds negative qualities when unbalanced. In Traditional Chinese Medicine spring is associated with the wood element, represented by the tree, ever growing, and reaching out towards the sun. It is a time to move out of the yin qualities of winter and instead step into active yang energy.

Whilst winter is about hibernating and dreaming, conserving energy and indulging in routines which bring us safety and warmth, spring is about moving ideas into strategy. Creating solid plans is something wood personalities excel at, and the positive qualities of a wood constitution can vision things so clearly that the environment conductive to everything needed to manifest a vision organically appears.

What magic! Wood personalities have a powerful ability to harness the energy of growth and move forwards into the new. So, let’s learn more about wood types.


How can we recognise a wood personality? Well, wood personalities have a strong mind. They are action-orientated and natural leaders who are not great at following others. They are driven, charismatic, favour organization, feel comfortable with a lot of responsibility and are energized by learning new things. This all sounds good, but a wood personality out of balance is something to be reckoned with. They can be forceful, too directional, ambitious at a cost to others.

They have a tendency to impose their way and can step on people without noticing. Because they are so goal orientated, they are often very competitive, and they can also express themselves too intensely – sometimes in anger. We probably all know someone like this! The danger is when wood personalities get too much into their head and ego and forget to tap into their internal knowing. Yet, when a wood personality is in flow, they can communicate beautifully and make for remarkable leaders and entrepreneurs.

The higher frequencies of a wood personality are kindness and generosity, which means wood personalities have the ability to see beyond themselves and can embody visions for the greater good of others. This is true leadership. Just as trees in the forest stand together and are stronger for it, so too are humans more powerful when we work together.

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