Euphoria Retreat


At last, the buds of Spring are appearing. We love this time of year at Euphoria. The wildflowers are not quite in full bloom – but we can almost smell their arrival and the days are becoming more and more drenched in sunlight. This sense of anticipation, for the fullness of things to come, is a defining characteristic of the season and feels all the more poignant and needed in 2022 when collectively we are facing so many challenges. Easter has always been a time to celebrate new life and a sense of hope. The miracle of the resurrection drives away despair, offers renewed belief in the wonder of life and demonstrates the power of love as a means to put an end to suffering. In Greece, the message of Easter provides a beacon of light beautifully symbolised inone of our favourite Greek Orthodox traditions – the lambada – when we gather together in church on Holy Saturday to listen to the liturgy of the Resurrection with our lambada candles. As midnight darkness falls, the priest lights a candle with Holy Lightand the flame is passed from lambada to lambada throughout the church and light swallows the darkness. When we are feeling lost or hopeless, perhaps this is something affirmative that we can do – pass a candle of light and hope to each other – whether this be a friendly conversation, a hug, a bunch of flowers or a shared meal. Connection always helps up to feel better and is something we actively encourage at Euphoria where, like Spring, we are always looking to harness fresh growth.

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