At last, one of the loveliest months of the year is upon us. April comes hand-in-hand with spring, a joyful, fresh and bright season full of hope and possibility. Personally, I love the feeling of new beginnings, which are far more pronounced now than at the beginning of the year when it is so dark and cold. Now, as the sun warms the soil, it is time to start noticing the green shoots of the future. In the theory of five elements, spring is associated with the wood element, represented by the tree. When we look to nature, we see that, whatever obstacles there may be, the tree keeps growing and reaching out towards the sun. We can integrate this pattern into our own lives.

Whilst lots of difficulties remain in the world, one way to stay optimistic is to place our attention on the positives. This doesn’t mean we ignore or deny the negative, just that we shift our focus onto that which uplifts us and emboldens our sense of purpose. For example, look at how the collective consciousness around substantiality and climate change is expanding. We are moving closer to finding renewable energy sources and a new United Nations report states that the earth’s protective ozone layer is slowly but noticeably healing at a pace that would fully mend the hole over Antarctica in about 43 years.

Whether big or small, personal or planetary, steps of progress are here to be celebrated. So, notice your own accomplishments and growth, as well as that of your friends and family, especially your children. When we harness positivity, we nurture the new. Which is exactly what Euphoria is all about. Read this month’s Euphoria Methodos blog post to discover why, at this time of year, a physical and emotional cleanse might be just what you need. If you haven’t booked in for your annual stay, do be in touch. We promise you’ll return home with renewed inner energy feeling excited about life.

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