Responsibility Towards Self & Society. It’s sometimes difficult to escape the notion that each new day brings a different challenge – war, climate change, the covid and monkeypox pandemics, political instability, etc. So how can we bear these difficulties with grace and fortitude? At Euphoria Retreat, we take inspiration from our past. Ancient Greek philosophy taught that only once we’ve developed our self-awareness and personal responsibility, can we truly become part of society.

That you can’t wait around for change; you need to be the agent of change you wish to see. Nowhere was this philosophy more evident than in ancient Athens, where all citizens were required to participate in public affairs. To not do so meant you were branded as an “ιδιώτης/idiotis”, interpreting selfish behaviour as a lack of social conscience and an affront to society itself. It’s where our word “idiot” originated from, originally meaning someone looking wholly and selfishly inward. Recognising that we are part of something greater is an important step to self-fulfilment and making the world a better place for everyone. How?

By being more conscious of how we consume in relation to both the environment and the community, and by taking small steps to change our habits. For example, we could start using public transportation more or recycle clothes, electronics, and items we don’t need. It’s through heightening our sense of self-responsibility that society will improve. Look within. Connect with yourself and then use this advanced self-awareness to meaningfully connect with fellow humans, and play your unique role for society to flourish. That is the essence of a balanced, holistic, joyful life.

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