August 2023


August 2023

Despite the season’s positive vibes and the Fire Element’s vibrant energy, societal unrest, uprisings, and natural disasters are increasing. Coupled with social inequality, which still plagues the world, it’s a deeply saddening state of affairs. However, there is a silver lining; people are beginning to speak up and out. 

Without realizing it, they’re starting to use the organs related to the Fire Element: Their tongues and hearts. When combined, reason and speech are formed – the very essence of what makes us human

All around us, people are beginning to vocalize their deeply rooted discontent through the Fire Element’s lower frequencies: Hatred and rage, hardness, impatience, and irritation. All this manifests in sudden uprisings, outbursts of negative emotions, and extreme action, overshadowing and overwhelming our two main organs.

Where there is darkness, there is also light. It’s all a matter of reminding ourselves daily that change is within our grasp. If anything, the Fire Element teaches us that this misguided energy can be transformed into something truly beautiful. Its fierce, blazing energy is capable of inspiring great passion within. So, let’s use this energy to open our hearts and souls to new experiences. And all it takes? To trust our gut.

Quite literally though. The gut is the Yang organ that can discern the pure from the impure – that’s where our “gut” feelings originate! Align it with the heart, the Yin organ and the centre of our spirit and emotions; those lower frequencies suddenly transform into higher frequencies.

By trusting your heart and gut, your moral compass will show the right way, all the while increasing your compassion and empathy for others. This gives your heart the space to be filled with unconditional love and joy. You’ll become fairer and wiser, willing to listen to all the voices and opinions around you.

Only by strengthening our connection to the Fire Element do we stoke the fires of creativity and happiness within, allowing us to transcend our current state. You can even use the middle frequencies as you move from the lower towards the higher frequencies with these tips:

  • Write a forgiveness letter to the planet and its people, our lost humanity, or even the universe itself.
  • Don’t forget to get in touch with your heart’s “wall” by placing your hands on your chest, breathing in and out, and clearing any feeling of constriction that arises.
  • Begin a journal and write something for which you are grateful as the first or last thing of your day.
  • Laugh and sing with an open heart.

It’s as the Mystics have always said about the dark nights of the soul; even a single candle in the darkest room can make all the difference. It can brighten the mood and entice everyone to open up, warming their hearts to life’s better qualities.

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