Time to reclaim our collective souls through the power of water. With winter fully enveloping us, it’s time to be inspired by the water element’s calming, tranquil nature and enter a state of spiritual hibernation to reclaim our collective consciousness. Water is our common, fundamental value with the unending power to bring out the best in us.Given that water is the foundation of all life, as we are born in it, we spend the entirety of our existence surrounded by its life-giving aura and energy. Its very existence is a reminder that we are all inherently (inter)connected through our ideas and creativity, which are born and moulded in water, where they live and flourish into beautiful expressions of our inner world. It’s an unending cycle. The cycle of life. Water has played a significant role in shaping all aspects of our lives, from where we moved as a species to our very psyche. It effortlessly bridges the gap between the past and the present, creating a strong bond to our ancestors, history, and collective consciousness – something which determines our very future.

Our ideas and imagination are the fascinating, fundamental components of this consciousness. Since the beginning of time, water has served as our inspiration, symbolising a time of introspection and thought during which we express ourselves sparingly in favour of using our knowledge and wisdom, leading us to do great deeds. It’s this collective accumulation of knowledge which forged our willpower and resolve. We discover our talents and the meaning of our existence in water, which inspires and drives us to make the required changes to not only our lives but also the planet. If we want to believe in a better future, we need to believe that we can overcome all the challenges in the way of our goal. Since water always finds a way, life always manages to find a way. That means that, as part of a greater whole, we must take time to reflect, develop our inner fortitude, and have faith in our ability to face challenges and make amends for mistakes. It’s our faith – in life and ourselves that will keep us strong. This is more than blind faith. It’s our opportunity to collectively experience rebirth… through water.

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