A new year is upon us, and with it the opportunity to regroup and refresh. Welcome 2023, we embrace you, we are open to all the possibilities for change and growth you offer us. We are excited to vision in a new life, a new world, a new way of being. Last month we ran a series of suggested challenges through our social media channels. The idea was to take a break from worldly concerns and negativity and, in line with the philosophy of nurture so inherent to Euphoria Retreat, put aside the time to take tender care of yourself. The invitation was to listen to your energetic needs, open your heart to kindness, connect with your inner child, spread positivity and forgiveness.

When we rest, we give ourselves the chance to gain new perspectives and begin again. Were you able to gift yourself this space and really tap into your body’s yearning? Were you able to open your soul to your loved ones and invite in appreciation and reconnection? However much you allowed yourself these opportunities, we encourage you to continue in the same mood and mode. Winter offers us the chance to slow down and recuperate, acknowledge our transitions, connect deep within, drop into our soul’s inner knowing and contemplate our future. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, a central concept here at Euphoria, winter is the time of the water element.

This is the element of rest and receptivity; it represents the beginning of everything. The water element is all about dreaming and visioning in the new. After three difficult years, now is the time to cultivate this dreamland, restore your faith in the magic of what is to come and prepare the ground for fresh seeds of hope and healing. Do please read our post and tips about the water element to discover more. In the meantime, sending you all so much love for the new year and an additional sprinkling of fairy dust for 2023.

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