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Dear Euphorians,

We welcome the new year with a fresh approach to our newsletter, which we hope will bring greater depth and meaning to your lives. For the last couple of years, we’ve talked about how the seasons, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, influence our energies. For 2024 and beyond we are going to taking things further and exploring how the elements don’t just relate to seasons and energies, but to our constitutions too. Knowing and understanding which ‘type’ of element we are born into (Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Metal), and where our imbalances might lie, can help us to understand our personalities, clear blockages and come into equilibrium. It can also give us a deeper insight into our families, friends and colleagues, their traits, and capabilities.

Especially as our personality type can also help to reveal our purpose in life. The higher frequencies of the elements are connected to special talents that we are here to bring into the world. Each one of us comes with a mission. That mission can be big or small, all are of equal import (just because someone has an important role doesn’t them more important than others, the captain of the ship is as important the crew). But the world can and will change when everyone assumes their role at the highest level possible. So, if you want to get to know yourself and others better, and to fuel yourself with greater purpose, please join us on this new quest.

We start with a little more explanation in our Euphoria Methodos of the elements with regard to constitutions and then we dive into the wonderful world of water. The place where it all begins. With so much love, hope and excitement for this new year and new journey,

Come see us at Euphoria Retreat soon!

We miss you,

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