June, one of the loveliest months of the year, is upon us – fresh, clear and with longer and lighter summer days to enjoy. Yet, do you also feel its intensity? Time seems to move a little quicker, emotions are high, the heat is literally rising. We feel the energy of ‘something coming’ or, indeed, that ‘anything might happen’. There is a sense of heightened anticipation. If we can clear the way to embrace this by fully opening our hearts, then summer is a time of miracles and magic. As the strapline of our Feel Alive Retreat reminds us, this is a ‘Time to Embrace the New You’. Whatever is going on globally, our recommendation at Euphoria Retreat is that you come into your own practice, your own rituals, your own sense of self. If you need some guidance to help you open your heart to new ways of being and embrace the blossoms of the season, you know where to come. Just remember – there is great strength in following your own ray.

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