Euphoria Retreat


As the world reverberates with current events, we wanted to reach out a hand of support and offer a gentle reminder of our community – a space in which you, and everybody, is welcomed. As an anchor for peace, Euphoria Retreat has long upheld the values of love, wisdom, connection, compassion and non-aggression. At times like these, it is normal, as humans, for us to feel a range of emotions – fear, rage, sadness, loss. We are witnessing suffering. It is natural and right that our hearts, minds and bodies react and that we understandably feel nervous and shocked. These states are reflective of our innate humaneness, and the breadth and depth of that experience. Whilst we may strive for a perfected life of non-suffering, all the ancient wisdoms teach us to try to accept the multiplicity of our emotions and witness them like a bad weather storm. This process of awareness allows us to see that which is moving through us from a safe distance. It helps to ensure that our inner essence, that which is always stable inside us, can remain centred and calm. The path of light is one which, even in the face of the darkest shadows, continually seeks and promotes joy, love and equanimity. At Euphoria, we encourage you to continually and consciously choose this path – for it is the walk of kindness and of understanding.

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