November 2023


November 2023

Dear Euphorians,

Recent world news have left us feeling hopeless and despairing. At times like these when the degree of violence becomes incomprehensible, looking after ourselves and our loved ones, as well as supporting the causes close to us, can help to anchor us and make us feel purposeful. Like leaves in autumn that fall from the trees but the trees retain their valuable zests to flower again in springtime, we should protect our valuable tender inner child from becoming brittle and despondent and retain our values, our courage and our faith. This is not about denying hard realities, it is about trusting and allowing divine providence to show us the way.

An ideal time to retreat, autumn is a period of tranquillity, thoughtfulness, distillation and stillness. We are invited to travel inwards, to reap the lessons of our life’s journey and ultimately to elevate onto a higher plane. In order to remain centred and calm, so that we can be useful to society, it is crucial that we make space for refuge. Something which lies at the very heart of Euphoria’s reason for being.

Please read our Euphoria Methodos post to discover more. If you are serious about letting go of all that no longer serves you and inviting in the new then perhaps you will consider a visit with us. We cannot heal our world until we heal ourselves. The weather in Greece remains brighter than in many other parts of the world and we can hold a space for you to drop, relax and recalibrate.

With love, light and hope,


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