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October 2023


October 2023

As the beautifully serene and mild autumnal days come and go, we find ourselves in the earthly embrace of the present, still dwelling within the realm of the Earth element. Amidst this, the world unfolds with tragic events, from the relentless march of climate change to heart-wrenching human suffering exemplified by recent events. Whether they appear on the global stage or touch our hearts individually, they leave an imprint, a subtle yet profound alteration of our psyche and soul, disturbing the equilibrium.

In times like these, a call for moderation and practicality resounds. To be a beacon of care and support for others, we must first tend to our own mental and spiritual well-being. As we approach World Mental Health Day on October 10, the importance of nurturing our mental health is illuminated brighter than ever before. By nurturing ourselves, we become better equipped to empathize and assist others, initiating a beautiful cascade of positivity—nurture within to nurture the world.

In essence, we sow a seed within ourselves, nurturing it with kindness and understanding. Each seed planted is a potential force for constructive transformation. It’s an acknowledgement that to bring about positive change, we need many seeds, many souls tending to their own well-being, radiating hope, and collectively fostering a better world. On this World Mental Health Day, let us invest in ourselves, so we may sow seeds of compassion and kindness, catalysing a wave of positive transformation that stretches far beyond the boundaries of our own being.

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