Euphoria Retreat


A new season is upon us and with it the opportunity to adapt to its fresh rhythms. The heady fire and jumpiness of summer is dissipating. We are coming back into regularity and
acceptance of the world we are left with after the last three years. Yes, there is war, there are food shortages, prices are rising, our life force may feel depleted. But autumn is a time to integrate a renewed and steadying energy. There is a reassurance in the return to a more predictable routine – back to school, back to work – and, from this stable ground, we can adopt a greater sense of purpose, enabling us to live our lives in the fullest way possible. Autumn is associated with the Earth element, which is the energy of “I do”.

So, our quest now is to integrate our acceptable around the status quo without dropping into the lower frequencies (nagging, complaining, shame, guilt etc). Things are how they are – and now we must centre ourselves, come into equilibrium and find practical solutions to deal with the situation. This is not just about waking up every day and organising your life, it is also about finding solutions which are good for you, good for others, and good for the planet. When we can stand “our ground”, supported and held by the Earth, with a balance between our personal lives and our lives in society, then we can fulfil our obligations to both.

The mother energy of the Earth helps us to find a balance between what we consume and what we produce, without abusing resources, and with full respect for each other’s boundaries. When we stand in this place of balance, the higher qualities of the Earth element can appear. We can come into sweetness and abundance. We can look forward to harvesting the solid, gratifying rewards of our efforts, both individually and collectively. At Euphoria, we stand by the idea that in grounding and centering ourselves we can create a better future for humanity.

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