Balancing your Water Element


Keep Your Inner Fire Burning

It’s really important to stay warm during the winter months and nourish the kidney energy which is the organ associated with the water element. Try to replace cold water with warm teas and infused waters. You can add ginger, turmeric and spices you love. Or make an almond latte and add a combination of any or all of the following: ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, cacao or nutmeg. Sip before bed to help you sleep. Wear clothes that help you to feel protected and always keep your feet warm with thick socks which are wonderful for just padding around the house. This will help to ground your energy. Eat warm foods, plenty of root vegetables and beans, legumes and grains. This is not the time for deprivation. It is a time to gather in, restore, strengthen and fortify.


Make your house a home

Creating a nurturing environment in your home will help you to feel at peace with the world. Whatever is going on outside those walls, contained within is an unlimited amount of love, safety and space to be. See your home as a sanctuary of peace, a place to come together with yourself, with family and with dear friends. Create a secure, cosy and warm environment: soft throws to wrap yourself in, a fire if you have one, perhaps a place to meditate, candles, baths, plants, books, art, music. Winter is a wonderful time to enjoy that which is near and dear to us.

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