Balancing your Earth Element


Earthing, for you and for the world 

Connect with the spoils of the Earth and get your hands dirty. Whether that be through gardening, pottery or cooking, stay connected to what is real and what is natural. Whenever and wherever you can, walk barefoot. Sit on a bench with the breeze on your face. Lie on the grass with clouds overhead, maybe wrapped in a blanket. Be in touch with nature. Remember the simplicity of being a human animal and the fulfillment that comes from living with the circadian rhythms. Whether you are an early bird or a night owl, honour the cycles which suit your body best.

Plan new flowers for the autumn season when things come into fruition and when we get ready to harvest and let go of the plentiful. It’s much easier to let go when you feel in abundance. The season of the earth element (Indian Summer) is a time when you can dedicate yourself to gathering inwards all that supports and nurtures you so that you can give back to others and to society at large.


The nutrient way to find your harmony – You are what you eat 

The Earth element is about enjoying a balanced, nourishing meal without excess. So don’t deny yourself anything. Include protein, carbohydrates and good fats at each meal and also bring in lots of colours – yellow, orange and green. As Marina Efraimoglou says, ‘create a plate which looks beautiful. Have your avocado, your nuts and be colourful, make it inviting. Variety is important. Earth doesn’t like one thing. When you want to treat yourself, do it in moderation. So, for example, if you want alcohol, don’t have a sweet course, and if you want to have sweets, don’t have alcohol’. Eat what is seasonal and fresh, preferably organic. Cooking in an earthenware pot (not stainless steel) also helps increase your Earth element. As does trying to eat and going to bed at the same time every day. Your body will love the security of this routine.


Need Not Want 

The Earth element is about bringing in small things that make your life taste sweet, and the satisfaction in understanding that enough is plenty. So, it’s about thinking less about what you want and more about what you need. For example, you can enjoy little rituals which fill you with joy – a cup of tea, time spent playing with your children, a candle, a catch-up with a friend, a book before bed. Keep an end of the day gratitude journal to jot down anything which has brought you joy or made you feel good. This is about small changes, not big ones, and understanding that you are enough. You have enough. Earth is about giving and exchanging. So, for example, introduce a monthly informal but beautiful supper with friends or family. Invite everyone, in the spirit of togetherness, to contribute to the meal. One person sets the table, another brings food, another reads a poem. Equally, companionship between women, chatting, sharing our stories and being there for each other as sisters is wonderful for the Earth element.


Little and Often 

Create new structures that fit your current needs and help you to feel balanced and satisfied. Create a harmonious, satisfying daily routine, one with no under- or over-reaching, a social life which is neither too crowded, nor too lax, a work schedule which is structured but also flexible. The Earth element isn’t rigid. It moves according to the current state. Little breaks are very important – take five minutes away from your computer, sip your coffee, come into regularity. When you exercise, interval training is the optimum approach to increase the Earth element. Run, but then slow down. Pick up the pace, then rest. Everything in moderation. Which is why flow and Yin yoga are such good practices at this time of year.

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